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Use scanner only on a Canon MP140 Printer Answered

Hey everyone, I had a great idea to take a non working all-in-one Canon Pixma MP140 printer, remove the non working printer part and use only the working upper tray with the scanner.

How complicated can this be?
Not as straight forward as I thought.

The scanner worked great before I took the printer apart.
I removed all the plastic, metal bars and cartridges and thought that with a bit of tweaking it'll work. Hell, at this point I need devine intervention, or at least a knowledgeable instructables member...

Right now when I turn it on (I don't know what to call it anymore a scanner or a printer) the power and the alarm LEDs blink with the 7-segment display showing E...2...6... and I can't scan.

The following procedure changes the indication, but the end result is the same:
•Turn off the printer
•Hold the Resume Button (red circle in the triangle), click “Power” which will turn green.
•Hold the Power Button, release the Resume Button.
•Not releasing the Power Button, double click “Resume” and release Both Buttons.
•Click “Resume” for Four times
•Once you click “Power”, to confirm the selected action (reset counter absorber). To disable the printer “Power” button to click again.
and I can't scan.

I fiddled a bit with a wire innocently thinking it'll do the trick.... somehow... but ended up accidently touching the part that connects the scanner white data cables to the PCB. It sparked and the scanner turned OFF.
I'm afraid that might have caused the E26 error that I found indicated: Internal temperature rise error.

Any ideas?



3 years ago

hi, i have the canon mp145. i just removed the scanner from the aio printer because did not want the bulk. searched the whole internet and could not find out how to get the scanner to work. any help is greatly appreciated.

any workaround? thanks.


5 years ago

Hey Frenzis, Caitlinsdad and Mpilchfamily are right, when I turned the disassembled printer on it started rotating it's motors (for print head alignment and postioning, printer jams, etc.) but didn't get the right feedback so it reported an error.

i kept all the parts but I intend to use them for other projects (motors, scanner light, power supply...)
It's funny but I find myself wishing these things would be more low tech so that I could somehow make sense of their inner workings. Nowadays I can't buy a microwave oven or a car without a microchip controlling them...


5 years ago

Everything in these printers is integrated so you won't be able to separate the scanner from the rest of it without causing problems. Its best to leave it all in tact and use the scanner as is.


5 years ago

Did the scanner work before you took it apart? If you stripped the printer to it's bare essentials, the POST(power on self test) would probably fail on a multitude of things like ink detection, print head alignment and postioning, printer jams, etc even if you taped up the sensors you found. Then again, you could have fried the motherboard.


5 years ago

A have that same printer and that same idea ! any luck with this ?


6 years ago

Seemed like a good idea! I'll bet the sparking bit really sealed the deal, though...