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Use scart voltage as a switch for a fan? Answered

Hi, I would like to build a circuit for turning on the fan in my receiver when I turn it on. The receiver gives 6v on a scart pin (no. 8) when on and close to 0V when off. Is there a way I could use this voltage as some kind of switch? I tried reading on comparators but I don't know if I'm on the right track. btw, scart is the video output connector used in Europe. Check out the Wikipedia article on the pin-out and voltage(s) on pin 8. Thanks in advance?



Best Answer 6 years ago

If the voltage varies from 0 to 6V, then all you need is a transistor to switch a relay or even the fan directly.



Answer 6 years ago

Yes, the voltage does vary...kind of. When the receiver is off, I measured 0.17V and when I switch it on, it jumps up to 12.67V and goes down to a steady 6.56V. So How would I go about this? Any recommendations (circuits or reading material)??