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Useful parts in mini fridge? Answered

Hi folks,

ive got a small, fully functional mini fridge that I have no direct use for. I am either going to donate the thing via Craigslist or free cycle, but was wondering what parts and things might be salvaged out of the thing and re-applied towards other projects? What has been your experience with things like this?



5 years ago

There is very little in a fridge that is useful except as a fridge.

Why not build it into another piece of furniture, like a side table, or add an extension cable and weather-proof it to use out doors (perfect for the barbecue contest!).


Reply 5 years ago

thanks for the suggestions, kiteman, but unfirtunately, ive no use for it any longer, and it consumes almost as much energy to run as my full size fridge. Am donating it locally so that someone else can get good use out of it.

but thanks for the suggestions!