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User "TheKingOfRandom" is clearly impersonating user "The King of Random", is there any action that can be taken? Answered



4 years ago

I am not sure there is any impersonation going on. it looks like a name-similiarity (of a rahter common looking name). There is also no copying or even competing posts from the users. The new user may have inadvertantly picked name similiar to a popular user - but as far as i can see he is not impersonating that user.

Well, thats IMHO from a quick look at it ;-)

He's using the same avatar...

I didnt notice that. (good thing I added that "IMHO from a quick look" ;-)

But I am willing to change my mind in light of this - and kitemans comment - that he may be trying to "catch reflected glory".

I am sure if he is using *the same* avatar that is breaking some kind of rule (if nothing else, theres a copyright law - despite that seemingly being entirely ignored around here)

I'll have a word.

Hmm, although the member is not breaking any actual rules with his name, he is clearly trying to catch a bit of reflected glory, hoping to get extra views from people confused by the similar names.

You can express your concerns to the Instructables staff by sending an email. A nicely worded an non-aggressive email will receive a much better response than the alternative.

Forgot the address: service (at) instructables.com

E-mail the Instructables Staff, service (at) instrutables.com. Include the URLs if the two members' pages, to make the distinction and the copying clear.