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Uses for 230v AC water pump? Answered

Hi I have a 4hp 230v AC water pump that was pulled from a junk hot tub. its 12 amps 3500 rpm, screws onto pvc. Does anybody have any ideas as to what i can use it for? ps, I have two of these motors.


Or, you can send me one and I'll create a wind turbine generator.

How about a Hydroponics (plants growing in water) or an Aquaponics (plants growing in water with fish) set-up?

Fix them and sell.

Unless you already have a commercial use for them, they're going to be an expensive pair of "toys" to run @ 230V/12A, and they'll be even more expensive to build anything around.


7 years ago

Summer is almost here; you could make a nice outdoor misting system.

Unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere...

Get a real big fish tank (100gallons or more) and start doing aquaponics. Or you could go halfway and set up just hydroponics.

You could build a water feature in your backyard with a nice bubbling pool or a waterfall.

You could use them as transfer pumps for a rain barrel or cistern system to irrigate your garden or lawn.

You could incorporate a float switch and use them as sump pumps.

You could drain waterbeds.

You could fill up a lot of water balloons.