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Uses for GE 12AY7 tubes? Amplifier, Preamp etc? Answered

I found a box full of brand new GE 12AY7 electronic tubes in my basement. I dont have any experience with tubes but i know alot about electronics. Can i make an amplifier circuit or something with these? Schematics or any information on them would help. Thanks.



Best Answer 8 years ago

They are the first stage in several of the old Fender Guitar amps.  Put them on ebay and they should fetch a nice price.  They are harder to come by  than the 12AX7's that is the second stage amp and what people substitute for the 12AY7.  They cause the tone to change and the amp distorts sooner and not in a better way.

You should give me 6 of the tubes for answering your question! lol


8 years ago

A quick google showed them for sale at several places for prices ranging from about $25 apiece for used ones to more than $50 for new ones. I'd sell them and buy something that I knew I had a use for.