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Uses for a dead smartphone? Answered

Hey guys. New to all this disassembling/reassembling/making new stuff, please humor me.

So I have this old Samsung Galaxy S Plus phone, which died in early 2014. And now, it's summer holidays, and I'm bored. I remembered this phone, and thought that maybe I could make something out of it. Is it possible to, say, take out the display, or the camera, and use it somewhere else? Maybe I could do something with the speaker? I tried searching on the internet, but didn't find anything.

Thanks in advance.


Hey, everybody; thanks! Finally, the phone is now a flash drive, with a USB cable that comes out its headphone jack. The wires of the cable are soldered to a microSD card reader and there is an 8 GB card inside it. A big flash drive. :D


4 years ago

Most smart phone deconstructions on youtube show just how modular the samsung phones are. If you're careful, have a couple small screw drivers, and maybe a few plastic prying tools it's very possible to scrap out many components from a smartphone.
The cameras are particularly easy, since they're not actually directly soldered to the board. They're linked to it with a very small cable that is not unlike an IDE cable.

Depending on why the phone died, there really is allot of stuff you can do with it. I like this guy's videos on smart phone disassembly/assembly:
It's not exactly your model, but he has other videos that might match your needs better. I was more interested in showing you the guy that consistently disassembles and re-assembles working phones.

Yeah, thanks - I got the camera out (display's still inside the phone), but I couldn't figure out how to use it.

That holds true for most phones. While you can easily remove the camera your only getting the silicone sensor and maybe the lens. You still need the hardware from the main board to make use of the camera.

LOL; I'm a little short of smartwatches, myself. :P

Seems you have 3 options here.

1. Use it as a paper weight

2. Have it repaired and keep using it as a phone

3. Donate it to charity so they can have it repaired and used again.

The camera and screen require driver hardware which is embedded into the main PCB in the phone. With out that hardware you'll have an extremely difficult time finding compatible hardware that will be flexible enough for you to do anything. It doesn't help that manufactures tend to go out of their way to make these things difficult to service. They rather have you throw it away or force it to be come obsolite so you have to buy a new one.

Thanks! I was thinking of taking everything out, putting a thin flash drive inside it and soldering some wires to the flash drive, which I would then attach to a USB cable, resulting in a 4-inch cool-looking-but-mostly-empty-from-inside flash drive. :D