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Uses for coffee "cans" Answered

As my depression era ancestors would say, those plastic containers that coffee comes in are "just too good to throw away." Other than the obvious uses as a bailing bucket or a scoop, does anybody have a really inventive application? Maybe this could be an "ible" contest.


Thanks for all the great ideas and fun comments.  My dog likes the lids best.  He thinks they make great indoor frisbees.

If you have one like in goodharts picture. You could put a big ole battery in there plus a big ole light THEN YOU GOT A BIG OLE DIY FLASHLIGHT!

1) Get big cardboard box 2) Cut hole in box so hand will fit thru it. 3) Cut hole in bottom of plastic can so hand fits thru it. 4) Paint can orange. 5) Glue can over hole in box. Halloween 1) Fill can with candy 2) Hide in box 3) Put hand thru hole in box and can 4) When kids reach in to get candy - severed hand pops out. 5) LAUGH as you watch kids (thru a peephole in box) running away screaming. Trick for Treats!

Get two, add a string and instant Iphone.

punch some holes in the bottom and put in a couple lbs of sand and you got an instant outdoor ash tray.

that gives ME an idea. If you have two, and a metal pole, you could make weights with them, for exercising. :-)

If your going to do that try re-useing liquid laundry soap containers. They have a handle and are easy to attach. I see inmates at work do this all the time. Yes I work in a prison.

The plastic ones suck, I prefer the metal ones as they make excellent tool holders in a wall array.

Cut the bottom out of one and attach it to another one,attach a flag. Then mount on a pole, instant mail box. I have used them as containers for paint brushes that have been used. Allows you to keep them in thinner and sealed up till you need to use them again. Or a mixing pot for almost empty paint cans. Creates a new color without having to pay for it again.


8 years ago

Ball mill!

DRUMS!!!! lol. Get different sizes and learn to play!

Big airhorns? Leyden jars? Roll-back toys?

Many of these cans have a built in handle: