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Using 2 amp boards at once Answered

I have TDA7297(stereo) and TDA2030A(Mono) amplifier boards and i wanna use both at once. When i just split the input into two and connected it to them 7297 was overheating and i heard scratching sounds (reflection from unfinished Power supply for 2030A?) The problem may be the input impedance-7294 has around 30k and 2030A half a milion ohm. Do i need resistors in series with 7297 input, parallel to 2030A or what else could be problem? Im using 2 separated Power supplies.



3 months ago

If you are trying to drive a single speaker from this two amps, then this can't be done because the amps will see each other and blow one of your op-amp. Better use two identical mono amps which is bridgeable.

No each amp has its own speaker(s) but same input.