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Using Water as a Fuel? Answered

Hi friends. I wana use water as a fuel, i have made different type of hydrogen generators, but the problem is that flame temperatur of hydrogen is too high. So kindly any body have any suggestion, comment, or wana share any experence. If any body can help me out in this regard please u r most welcome. Can leave any msg and comment here at (instructables) and also can email me at rpttc at yahoo.com


Technically, you are using the hydrogen as fuel. The electrolysis of water just happens to be where you get it. To avoid answers from people who only think they know what they are talking about, but have no formal engineering training (such as myself), you might try leaving 'water' out of the question.

  • Just say that you are trying to burn hydrogen gas using oxygen gas (or air?),
  • specify the type of combustion chamber,
  • specify the mixtures you have tried so far, and
  • explain what kind of device this is powering.

My guess is that you either need to reduce the oxygen levels or reduce the flow of fuel into the combustion chamber.

it's great ..you help people to that thing to be able to house power generator developed using this.. not suffer the people to pay electricity...DO it brothers..make this thing happen ..don't be afraid...when this things happen..I'm the first one will buy this power generators using water as a fuel....by the way..I only need just 1kw of power...can you do this happen?plsssss

. LOL. Yep. Mentioning water, hydrogen, and fuel in the same post ought to bring the HHO folks out.

I've never bothered to read into hho, but is it literally h+ ions with oh- ions chillin in a container? is it....something fancy? hydrogen only has one bonding charge...so it repels other h+ ions...hence why water is so happy to be water. I hate hho.

. It's just electolyzed water - 2H2 + O2. If you call it HHO, is has magical properties and burning it will produce more energy than was required to make it. ;)

Oh, No! You've Revealed The Secret! Now The Black Helicopters Are Going To Come And Kill You And Frollard Just Like They Did All The ~~Inventors~~ Crackpots!

Lol no, that only happens when you talk about Orgone accumulators - no one must ever find out that a block of epoxy with a Quartz crystal can cure cancer! XD

. whump , whump , whump , whump , whump ... What's that noise?

wow... I figured if it was that simple they would have made it...separated at least - because as it sits, its a stoich mix of an incredibly volatile molecule with a...perfect oxidizer. Even with a funky sponge fuel cell there'd be no stopping a spark permeating thru and destroying it :D

. It's been a while since I looked at the HHO stuff, but, IIRC, many do keep them separated ... but many don't. . I think Kiteman keeps up with HHO (and most other pseudo-science). If you're really interested, he may be able to point you to some good sites.

There's no such thing as HHO. If you have a tank of hydrogen, it's hydrogen. If you have a tank of oxygen, it's oxygen. If you have a tank of hydrogen mixed with oxygen in a 2:1 ratio, it's oxyhydrogen. HHO, on the other hand, is supposed to have hydrogen atoms connected by "magnecular bonds", which is just nonsense invented by someone who doesn't know how to read a mass spectrometer.

Thanks for that - you just made my day :D ...I have a magnecular bond holding a knex fridge magnet to...my fridge.

. That's why I put it in the pseudo-science category - "HHO (and most other pseudo-science)". ;)