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Using a USB monitor as a standalone monitor for webcam? Answered

So...can this be done?

I have a Mimo USB monitor that I'd like to connect to a webcam (sans computer) to use as a viewing monitor. Basically the camera will be used for tele/micro/macro purposes and the image would be sent directly to the monitor. An example would be to attach the camera to a microscope and then use the monitor to view the image, rather than peering into the viewfinder. All this would be battery-powered so that it's usable anywhere. However, I don't have a the slightest clue how to bypass the whole computer thing, as I can't find any info on how the USB monitor works. The Mimo is actually a touchscreen with a builtin video card, so it should be capable of some cool hacking. I have an old usb webcam available, as well as a tiny spycam with RCA out.

Can the USB camera or RCA camera be connected to the Mimo without the use of a computer?
Has anyone seen this done before?
Anyone have any links/suggestions/experience with this idea?



6 years ago

You have to have a computer in the way - the camera and the monitor are both USB slaves.


6 years ago

in audio it would just be a dedicated analog to digital converter. they have them for tiny garbage voice recorders. try a search for ad/da video converters?

Your monitor appears to be a 'Dumb' viewer like an extented desktop monitor. You need something to drive it. One possibility is this: [http://www.fit-pc.com/web/ ] tiny PC. It could be mounted to the back of your monitor and is VERY portable 12DC. As it can have Windows or Linux installed, you only need keyboard/mouse and viewing software. Cost is high though.


8 years ago

I don't think so.
You need an interface of sorts to process the camera signal and supply the right feed to the display.
(ti's a PC I think)