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Using a computer as a space heater? Answered

Anyone have an idea to funnel the hot air from a computer into the surrounding air to be used as a space heater? Its getting cold up here and the only significant source of warmth is my video card.


. My Pentium D system keeps the room it's in 2-3oF warmer than the rest of the house.

I've used my electronics as space heaters before. My cable box puts out a prodigious amount of heat, for example. Maybe not enough to have a noticeable effect on the entire room, but there's nothing quite like laying down on the couch, putting your feet near the fan outlet of the cable box, and passing a cold winter day in front of the TV.

You computer won't have a noticeable effect on the room temperature in the winter, 'cause damn cold+3 degrres = damn cold (in the summer it's like leaveing the oven on, jeez!). Try optimizing the location of your computer in relation to your body first. Then make sure the room isn't drafty. Then space-heat. Aluminum foil placed shiny side facing you on all major surfaces (such as walls) not in line between you and your computer can do wonders. Same in summer: foil on windows keeps the place cooler than something opque and dull.

Or you could try curling up with an emu...

Haha another emu joke. So computers wont make a good space heater. But CRT monitors do. My brothers one he gave us raised the temperature in my room by like 5 degrees. It worked really well because it was a small room with the door closed. But I use a flat screen now and they're at room temp.


9 years ago

Doesn't the warm air come out and mingle with the room anyway? You just need more computers! (I'm thinking of getting some floor heaters in an otherwise uncontrolled room converted into outlets for the computers. A computer is a fine space heater, although of course when running normally it'll only put about a couple hundred watts...)

This kinda sounds like an accident waiting to happen get a new fan for it or water cool it.

Mine does that in the summer. (i need a new one, I hate it)