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Using a fan to drive another fan Answered

Hi all,

This may very well be a stupid question but after a quick bit of searching I cannot find an answer (which probably means it is stupid).

I have been thinking about setting up a wind turbine to generate some electricity for my home. It occurred to my that it would be good if the wind turbine did not rely solely on the wind from outside so I started thinking about using another fan to blow air into the fan or fan used to create the electricity. Does anyone know if this is possible?

I guess what would be ideal is if fan A was powered by the electricity produced by fan B but fan B also produced a little extra electricity that I could syphon off. This could then easily scale up to produce more power.

[ fan A ] ~~~~~> [ fan B ] ~~~~~> electricity

I suppose if fan A takes more energy to run than fan B can create then it won't work. Has anyone looked into this?



4 years ago

this would not work because there would be friction between the fans so you would lose electricity


4 years ago

I might be overthinking here but:

Generating electricity by wasting it to power a fan that in return should produce electricity?

Seriously if anything use a belt or gear to drive the fan motor/generator, with a free wheeling hub.

In any case you can not produce the same amount of electricty than used to drive the additional motor - if that would work we would not have energy problems in this world.


4 years ago

Er, I hope you're not expecting to run fan A entirely off fan B?

Really, any generating system that goes electricity~>mechanical thing~>electricity, you will *always* end up with a lot less electricity than you started with. Roughly speaking, you'd lose 80-90% of your original electricity as wasted energy.

If you want to generate electricity from waste energy within the home, look to harvesting waste heat - for instance, a peltier junction against the window would turn the heat being lost through the window into electricity.