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Using a motion sensor to trigger sound Answered

Hey guys,

I'm trying to trigger audio with a PIR sensor but with no joy. I was hoping that someone on here would be able to help!

I've got:
Oomlout SPD61 PIR sensor
Omron 5v relay g6a-234-bs
Voice recorder Cebek C9701
5v Voltage regulator L7805CV

with 9v battery attached and 8ohm speaker (these both work fine).

Can anyone draw me a diagram of how I'm supposed to connect the sensor to the relay to the voice recorder?

I would be so grateful!!

Dolly x


Um, don't you need some sort of microprocessor like an arduino or at least a transistor to interpret the output of the sensor? I guess someone with better electronics knowledge can answer if you can directly trigger a relay like that.

Thank you, I have read this elsewhere about the transistor and I'm exploring that possibility, it shouldn't need an arduino though.

Put this in the "answers" section of the site, and you'll get more help I suspect. I don't think you need the relay.

Hi Steveastrouk, thanks for your response, I will most certainly stick this in the answers section. The reason I've got the relay is it said I needed one in an Instructables that I'm loosely basing this on: https://www.instructables.com/id/Sound-graffiti/

However, those instructions are extremely basic and don't tell you how to do the wiring!