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Using a old alpine 7525 cassette reciever in my house? Answered

I have an old Alpine 7525 Cassette reciever that i want to put in my house and use. I can't find an instructable on how to do this with a cassette player.There are plenty on how to do it with  a cd stereo though.Please help!


A car audio head is a car audio head; they're all designed to be hooked up pretty much the same way. Whether it contains a CD player or a cassette player or neither or both doesn't change the basics of how it's hooked up. Power (at the correct voltage) to both the continuous-power (clock and memory) and "accessory power" (powers the rest, split out so the stereo loses power when you remove the key from the ignition), speakers (two or four, at correct impedence -- check the specs for that unit to see what it would be happiest with), and a suitable antenna if you want to use the radio. If the unit was able to control a separate CD player there will be connections for that too -- though it will probably talk only to players specifically matched to it unless you buy some adapter circuitry; manufacturers want to lock you into their product line if at all possible.

The actual connectors differ from unit to unit and from car to car. Normally when mounting the stereo in the car you either get, or build, an adapter harness which wires the right things together. At home, you can get just the Alpine's end of the harness and refer to its manual to find out which pins connect to what.

Does that answer your question? If not, what more do you need to know?

yes it does do you know where i could get an adapter to plug into it

hmm... I should have realized he was talking about a car unit.