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Using a projector with a timer switch? Answered

I am trying to set up an art installation which will involve a projector projecting a video piece in the middle of the night when unattended. I was planning on connecting it up to a laptop and somehow using a timer switch. I realized though that the projector may go to sleep or may not work using this timer switch option. I would set the video projection up with blank space on the video to correspond with timer so that for example if I wanted the projector to come on in five hours time I would put five hours of empty space at the start of the video meaning that whenever the projector comes on it is timed with where the video is at that point and the video will play. I know there are holes all over this so any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks, Rachael


Going to depend entirely on the projector you use. Some will wake up on a video signal, meaning that the PC software should be able to handle the timing for you.

I like the blank video option... Agree with steve: I thought most projectors wouldn't time out as long as there was a video signal. If that fails, use an image backdrop that has a couple of not quite black pixels. If that fails, see if the software can pan the image. (iMovie does it if you are on a Mac ).

My concern is that if you put a timer on the projector, you could still get an issue where it doesn't video sync with the computer correctly. Less chance of it failing if you play the video all night. Best of luck.

If a video plays in the middle of the night and no one sees it, did it play?