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Using an electric shock to trigger an arduino. (doorknob variety) Answered

I was thinking a transistor, how does one make ~20000v at 5mA useful. Do I use a capacitor or a coil of some type? Do I NEED an amp? Will it be jittery? I was even looking at those alfoil leaf static detectors and imagining some sort of field detecting reed switch.. ?

Think frankenstiens lab: lightning=reaction :)


Ya ! if a situation where this can be used, is explained, you can have more appropriate answers.

Note: only tried with a cheap multimeter so far, i might make my first instructable if my circuit board does not blow up :O

After consulting my professor, (who hates all HiVoltage because it is a harbringer of elecronic component death), we found that placing an insulated wire inside an earthed metal tube and zapping the outside tube produces a spike signal in the inside wire (like an antenna sensing the activity nextdoor..).

--------------------------| __________________GND
--------------------------| |___VVV-------VVV------ ANALOG PIN arduino
...............................|_____________________________ GND

Sorry: first ever ASCII circuit :P

~~~~insulated wire (SHOULD NEVER BE ZAPPED)

Conductive tube, must be earthed

vvvvvvv high resistance resistors (2x 1Mohm in my case)


6 years ago

Are you trying to build a device to kill someone when they touch the doorknob ?

Or are you wanting to detect a person is touching the doorknob ?