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Using an old laptop's display with Raspberry Pi? Answered

I'm making something using the raspberry pi and I needed a small display.  So, I took the screen out of an old, broken 11" laptop, but the screen still works.  But I cant just plug the screen into the pi because there are different wires needed.  The laptop screen was connected with a video lcd cable and to connect to the pi you need hdmi, a video wire, or if possible a usb connection.  So is there such a cable that could convert a lcd video cable to either hdmi or just a video input? I searched for one but found nothing.



Scroll waaay down and read the instruction for getting your monitor #. Apparently these guys customize the interface based on that. I tore an old monitor out of a broken laptop and connected it to a rasberry pi, which is harder than it sounds.

Most often you can't pull a screen from a laptop and use it in another project. The hardware required to run the screen is built into the main board of the laptop. There are some kits you can get that may or may not work to allow the use of the screen. But for what you pay for the kit you may as well buy a small dedicated screen .

Yeah that's what I figured. Do you happen to know what I would search to find one of these kits? Like what the name of them is?

If your lucky enough to find an LCD Controller board compatible with your monitor it may be less than $50. Otherwise you have to go with a more universal one buy like i said they can cost a pretty penny.