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Using peltier to cool my radiator? Answered

I have this idea and wonder if it is possible and feasible.

Stick a peltier to my car radiator to generate electricity and store the electrical and then using the same peltier to cool my radiator?



8 years ago

If I remember correctly, a TEG can go up to 225 degree Celsius? 

The radiator is needed for cooling, don't block it with things. Pop your thermoelectric device(es) on the exhaust system instead if you want to recover power from waste heat.
See other comment(s) though and take note.


JFYI Peltiers really won't like it above 150C. They melt.


I was aware that these things had limitations, but didn't know where. My thinking was - bigger heat-differential - better function. The exhaust system is long enough that you could position at the right point, but otherwise I'm with your original comment on this.


Volkswagen (??) I think are supposed to have a high temperature chemistry for a Peltier tech for exhaust systems. I've seen extraction levels of 600W from the exhaust pipe.

That's probably worth having, can you link me or should I go looking?


I JFGI, but I can only find PR releases, and the conference agenda that it was discussed at.

Unfortunately that isn't practical. A car radiator is designed to dissipate something like the same amount of energy as the engine is rated for, several kilowatts.  A Peltier cell WILL generate a limited amount of electricity at roughly 2% efficiency, but is a very poor heat pump.

Several kW worth of Peltier cells would cost many thousands of dollars, and wouldn't gain you anything.