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Using sprinkler valves for pneumatic cannons Answered

Many people have used sprinkler valves for a dump valve to release the air. I have made a launcher that used one of these and when I hook the air up it releases it all before I can hit the switch causing a pre-mature fire. Does anyone have these problems. I think it can be fixed by adding the air in slowly rather than hooking up a quick connect coupling like I am now. 

Any help would be appreciated. 


I figured it out everyone. The problem is that the air rushing in all at once makes valve purge. The solution was to allow the air to enter slowly in by using another valve.

This can happen if the valve is installed backwards. The water (or air) will only flow correctly in one direction. Check the flow arrow on the valve to make sure it is installed correctly..

What's the pressure rating on the valve? I don't think the water pressure from a hose is as high as the air you are trying to build up and they do leak. Maybe the mechanical spring needs to be replaced with an electronic solenoid or actuator to control the opening.

Don't they normally use electric valves? Maybe they have a tighter seal than manual valves.