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Using the LCD from a portable DVD screen with an Xbox? Answered

Hello everyone, I have a portable DVD player that has a bad DVD drive. I would like to mod it so I can use it in my car as a small screen hooked to an Xbox. Can someone point me to where I can learn how to take that screen add a differen't video connection and power so I can use it with like a VGA port. The DVD player didn't have an aux. input so I have to mod the internal connection. Basically in a nut shell I just want to use the screen as a monitor in my car.


um, you probably can not mod

Why not? I see people modding these kinds of things all the time on this site for digital picture frames etc...


9 years ago

are you sure there's no aux in? Sometimes it's combined with the "aux out" connector, and there's a switch or config option to make it an input rather than an output... (I successfully connected a broken DVD player from the dumpster to a computer SVideo out. I was pretty happy.)