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Using three pots, and an arduino to controll ten rgb leds? Answered

I was wondering if it was possible to do something like this LINK with ten leds not just one.

He uses three pots to control the amount of each color. I havent been able to find anything else like this. Any help will  be appriciated.


Do you want the LEDs to all be the same colour? If so, place a transistor on the output of the Arduino, and use that to connect the LEDs. Expand the number of LEDs by placing them in parallel with one another, but do not exceed the current limit of the transistor.

yes i want them all to change color with the pots at the same time, so yes they will all be the same color. so you suggest using the transistor to amplify the current, then use the same set up as the link above?

Better to put them in series, for uniform illumination.