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V6 Stirling Engine Answered

I have a 4.3l v6 that came out of a s-10 pickup.
 I was wondering if i could make it run on the stirling cycle? It is a 90 degree v6 so it should work, This is the only site i could think of to post this question on. I was thinking i would isolate the water jackets to the right and left bank of cylinders then heat one side and cool the other. I am good with engines and am skilled in the garage. I'm just tinkering. Maybe run a generator with it if it runs. I have a welder, plasma cutter, ect and can use them. Just kinda throwin it out there...



8 years ago

Not easily - A Stirling engine has a displacer cylinder and a power cylinder - the displacer is bigger then the power cyl. You would need to arrange some method of transmitting heat into the displacer - I can't see how this could be done effectively with an existing IC engine. - Better start from scratch.