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VACATION !!!!! Answered

I have taken a very much needed vacation break from work (starting tomorrow, i.e. Friday) and will be all until July 10 (returning on Monday). 

The wife doesn't like to travel any more (not that I can afford that; but not even to the beach), so I will be puttering around the house a lot, maybe even get an ible out or two.....we shall see    :-)    But I will be checking in here from time to time too (got keep you youngin's straight)




7 years ago

Lucky! I don't get any vacation until September.

Is Sept the witching moon referred to in Bell, Book and Candle,
with your avatar the familiar to Kim Novak :-)

That publicity pic will go well into your LED frame.
Ill never see a waist like that ( even with a pair of ribs removed ) LoL


She Does look a bit top heavy, doesn't she? :-)

LOL, I'm not familiar with the movie.

A humorous movie about how witches and warlocks cope in the big Apple.

Really, with the stress I've been under of late, this will either do me good, or do me in LOL


7 years ago

The ible's staff just disappear :-þ

Hmmm, I just got an email from Eric.....wait until you see my NEXT avatar LOL

Lookn forward to it.
Sorry forgot my manners earlier, Have a nice home vacation,
Start with not doing the dishes and eat on paper plates until Sun am.
( Iv been waiting on dragon Andy for 3 days to see if i solved a part )


Alex....um what do you mean by "start"....eating on paper plates? My wife, although she stays at home, doesn't do dishes much, so it is NORMAL for me to struggle with plastic wear and cheap paper plates..... ;-)

Yeah, I put in my 2 cents worth on the dragon thing and kind of understand one portion of one dragon,  but I have been so tired lately trying to keep up at work and figure out the best way to finish my Light Box project; so it doesn't look like Dr. Frankenstein put it together.... :-)

You don't have to wash paper plates.
So you have more vacation time to kick back and do what you like.
I wash the dishes too.

Because I am so busy with other "house work" I don't get time for dishes....so we always eat from paper and plastic, in our laps as the table is a mess too.....*sigh* nothing changes for vacation though

congrats on your break! wish you got to go somewhere for it, but puttering around the house can be fun as well...as long as you don't have too much yard work to do.

Nope, I rent, so the landlord takes care of the yard....Went downtown for the First Friday / July 4th celebration and got to taste some of the BEST goat cheese I've ever had (my wife didn't like it, it was a bit strong for her), and some Jalapeno fudge um ummm.

All I need to hear is, "school's out!" Yes yes yes yes yes!!!!! Wooh Hoo! :0)

I thought Mom's liked school....you know, that place that takes children off your hands for a few hours? :-)

Hi M.
Yup, I'm a mom, but my children are 26 years old and 30 years old. I work with children in the school system. I like my job, but it is exhausting at times. I am thankful for the rest ;0)

Feet up, soothing drink to hand, and fall asleep in from of daytime TV.

YUCK, daytime tv is all I EVER get to see...since I work that dumb shift......Still with the days being HOT, and my normal schedule being "up at noon", I will be going to bed early and getting up in the COOL of the morning, so I can accomplish a few things :-)

Walked this morning (trying to relieve the stiffness I got from my walks the last 2 days  LOL.....if I don't keep it up, I'll have to start all over again !).

Did you ever notice that the words to that song doesn't make a lot of sense?

Did you ever notice that if the words to that song weren't there it doesn't make a lot of sense?

Well, that just means that it is musically devoid of music LOL

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