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does anyone know some cool things that i can do with vbscript i mean i tried to find some stuff on the net ansd i did but i want to learn more lol.


i made a disc drive open and close repeatedly.my dad was kinda pissed

dox= msgbox("The website you are trying to access 'www.Nakedporn.com' has been blocked by the administrator",0+16+4098,"Restrictions")loop

save as <filename>.vbs and disguise it on desktop. When someone clicks on it ....

One really good use of VBS is for Windows automation through Windows Scripting Host (WSH). It supposedly the successor to batch files. Among the things you can do are, hardware/driver manipulation, automation of repetitive tasks, manipulate programs, remote shutdown, and even annoyware and viruses. Narrow down your search to VBScript WSH, or JScript WSH and you will find a lot of tutorials on the subject. Point to note, JScript is Microsoft's implementation and not the same as JavaScript, both VBScript and JScript can work interchangeably together through WSH.

Isn't that that webpage JS wannabe? Please, save yourself soon, just don't. Only IE will support it. If its some computer scripting language, just go with VB or VB.Net. I don't see what good it will do that VB won't.

I made a calculator and I found a few ebooks to help me learn the VB.Net framework.