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VBScript Addition Problems? Answered

Hello I Have a Addition Problem In VBScript.

If i use 2 Inputboxes to get to numbers (Lets say 3 and 5), there both numeric (isNumeric return "True"), but when i add them (c=a+b) and then msgbox 'c' it comes up '35' not 8. PLEASE HELP ME



Best Answer 7 years ago

try c=CInt(a)+CInt(B)

This makes sure that you're adding integers, not strings.

right, isNumeric will tell you that a string of numbers are numerical...but the add command will default to concatenate for an undeclared string.

Declare your variables!

This ALWAYS works for me you just have to make sure that you type a number in the box or else it will complain something about wrong data type.

x=inputbox("enter the first number")
y=inputbox("enter the second number")
answer=x + y

x and y are the input number variables change the name to whatever, the "x=x*1" and "y=y*1" will always turn a number in a string of numbers into a pure number. Hopidy Helpidy

shouldn't it be c = a + b

That was my problem, It set the number side-By-Side, not adding them

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