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VESA Mount for 24" Monitors ... design request Answered

HI folks. Just wanting to see if anybody had a good way to mount some computer monitors. I'm in the market for two 24" monitors (widescreen) that I want to mount side by each vertically (not using the original mounts that come with the units, as they only go horizontal). Since VESA mounts are standard, I thought there could be a way of putting them onto something behind my desk so that they just fit that way. Any ideas?



10 years ago

I purchased a nice cheap $50 wall mount for my 20" display. It has an articulating(swing-out 2-piece with tilt) arm. The arm is first mounted to the monitor (VESA compliant pattern with M4-100mm screws, don't know how hard it is to purchase them since they don't come with the monitor but packaged with the mount.) The arm then slides into a holder bracket that is first mounted on the wall. Wall mount is the way to go since it frees up the desktop below. You would need to custom make some brackets to mount the monitors and then design it so it is flexible to adjust the position of the viewing angle. Or...build some kind of "TV cabinet" or frame to place the monitor screens in. Detach the existing table stands and use the monitors as your "TV screens." Make faceframes and use blocks from behind to lock in the position of the screen.


Reply 10 years ago

Hi there. I found those available for $18, so I might order 4 of them. But there is no wall, so I have to rig something up as there's nothing but floor behind my desk. I might make it out of wood or something.