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VFD voltage and current needed Answered

I've a Futaba 4-LT-16 9L big VFD display. Unfortunately I'm not able to find the datasheet or exact details about it.
Maybe I could contact Futaba...

The only informations I found are these two schematics
https://revspace.nl/old/IMG_2239.JPG (but it doesn't match with the 4-LT-16 display)
https://revspace.nl/old/IMG_2240.JPG (not very useful to me)
from this page and this video from the same page.

Could someone help me?
Are there typical voltage and current for the filament (I think it depends from the length and the display dimension)? What about the grid voltage?


this may help. but not in English, i use google translate


anodes and grids are around 20-30v

Typical filament current ~70mA on 3V, the display needs -18V DC to light the segments.

Thanks Steve, I'll give it a try! Did you find these parameters on the datasheet of the chip?

No, I found a power supply designed for the part. I verified the numbers against the first data sheet i pointed out to you.

I found thus

...which is a datasheet for a Hitachi VFD clock chip, the application circuit shows the chip connected to the Futaba 4-LT16 display.

Thanks! I didn't find it before... Unfortunately it seems to be not useful in determine voltage and current of display..