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VOTE for Instructables! (In the SXSW People's Choice Awards) Answered

Instructables is a finalist in the SXSW Web Awards "Classic" category, for websites over a year old. We're up a against some big sites, so wish us luck!

Of course, that means we're also eligible for the People's Choice Award, sogo vote for us! I just did it, and the process is dead easy - you can vote once/day until March 6th.


I wish I had've voted! I LOVE instructables!

Dang it, I'm too late. Who won?

o no..i'm also late found ur site :-( i sign up yesterday. i'm happy to join this community with great simple idea from people around the world. philosopher says "long journey start with firsts step".

Hehe, both of me voted, and so did Roger-X.

He just doesn't know he did.

(Am I the only one to find it odd that a website only has to exist for a year to become "classic"? Films, books, they have to hang around for years or decades before earning that title.)


BAD KITEMAN! Bad bad bad Kiteman! Ima tell roger how to change his password! :P

You got hold of someones password?BAD KITEMAN!

Roger-X is #1 son. I set his accounts up, so of course I know his password.

I also have backup accounts, but on everything.

Lol... Rrriiiiggghhhhttttt ....lol

The internet moves fast, I suppose! By those standards, we're a bit geriatric. Er, well-preserved.

I'm more than five times as old as the site - what does that make me?

Don't you even LOOK in my direction LOL

Waves and whistles across room

pssst, who is that elderly gentleman acting strangely over there? LOL

But this involves the internet, and everyone knows that internet-based things more than a year old are tired used classics :-P

What a disappointment! I am too late to vote for your site :-( Finally a great place to easily encounter other creative people, to share idea's, to ... Wait till next year, you at least got one new fan: me, ShirleyGreenBelgian, after my name will be changed

I just voted using all three of my email accounts.

Whats up with every one having three emails? Including me?

So that you can vote three times a day for Instructables.

You mean, you have ONLY three email accounts????? That's so 20th-century!!!



9 years ago

i voted like 4 times already.......lol this is the best site ever on makeing stuff!

or just killing time too. lol

you just got my first vote , and again tomorrow

Wow... You have almost replied to every comment! (By the way, thanks for giving me my first featured 'ible!)

I have voted one on all my three emails, and I'm waiting for tomorrow to do it again!

im voting, instructables is the best site ever.


I shall vote!

just voted and doin it again 2moz. instructables is the best site ever!

How do you vote?

Follow this link: go vote for us !
You enter your email address, they send you a code. You go back to the same link, enter the code, then vote for Instructables!
Make sure you visit once a day, and tell your friends - the competition looks pretty stiff!

You can vote once EVERY DAY!!!

+1 vote, instructable is one of the best website ever.

voting every day, using my three email accounts !!


9 years ago

i voted....twice!

I voted :D I hope I'll remember to vote more...

Cool, thanks! I added it to my gmail "to do" list.

Another reason Austin rocks... I can go vote IN PERSON...

Erm, I don't think that's an option...

Is there a running total available somewhere?