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Valentine's Day Contest Submission Help Answered

Hi. I entered an instructable in the Valentine's Day contest days ago and it says it's still pending approval. Anything wrong? Thanks for any help you can provide, as this is both my first instructable and my first contest entry.


Yeah, it happened to me exactly the same but I just waited and got an email with the confirmation today, yey :D Good luck to you on the contest, you have my vote!

The entries to a contest are usually moderated by a single person, who also has other responsibilities, working relatively normal Californian office hours.

As long as you have had an email to say your entry has been received, and the entry qualifies, you will be fine.

If you hear nothing by the end of the week, say, Thursday, then drop an email to service@instructables.com to remind HQ to sort things out.

Thanks, Kiteman. I'll keep a watch and do as you say. :)