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Valentine's Day Inspiration Answered

After getting our first newsletter, Roger sent me this really nice thank you note and pictures of his project. Maybe his inspiration can inspire you? There's still a little time left!

I want to thank you for this newsletter. I was at a loss as to what to get/make for my wife for Valentines Day and our 15th anniversary. After reading your newsletter and going to your web site, I was inspired. I made her 15 Duct Tape roses (14 purple ( her favorite color), and 1 Red for passion) , one for each year we have been married. Off the web site's Valentines Day projects, I made an acrylic heart with LEDs to light it up. I added an acrylic tube to act as a vase for the roses.

Thank you for the inspiration,




11 years ago

Hey thats awesome, especially the acrylic heart is of big interest for me. do you have any further information about how its been made and what does light it from underneath? if thats a follow-up to my instructable id be very keen to know how somebody could get such a nice cut and engravement! just comment or email me, thats pretty kewl!

Thank you. The acrylic heart is about a 1/2 inch thick and I cut it on a small band saw then cleaned it up with a belt sander. I drew everything on the paper cover to the acrylic so I had a good line to follow. The engraving was done with a rotary engraving tool, but could be done with one of the vibrating engravers or just a sharp instrument. The heart and vase were epoxied to the box. I cut a 1 inch hole to hold the tip on the heart and epoxied it from underneath. I drilled 3 holes under the vase for the LEDs and then hot glued them into place. The heart got 2 LEDs hot glued inside the boxAll the LEDs are wired thru the switch to a 9V battery.