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Valentines gift idea for my girlfriend? Answered

Hey, I was wondering if anyone out there has an idea for a gift to send to my girlfriend? I have absolutely no idea what to do...I was hoping to make her something and send it to her, but I dont know. She lives in Washington, shes 16, and her mom is very strict, so something that is respectable, yet sweet and kind at the same time. Any ideas are very welcome, but hopefully soon, cause I dont have much time to send it to her....and whatever it is, it kinda has to fit in a letter :) thanks! 


I saw this cute DIY flip book.  It's a kiss!

It's from a blog that I've recently been following.  I think it would be sort of sweet to send a 16 year old.

Flip Book from katie sokoler on Vimeo.

The how-to is in her blog:

ok, i thought that was about the coolest thing ever :D haha i think she would love that....ill do it next year :) thanks though 

Well, is she mad at you or did you pull a rabbit out of the hat?

lol she didnt get too mad, but i just told her that ill do something really cool next year :) something that will really make her smile 

She's a keeper but don't disappoint her too many times!

I had no idea one could make candy from boiled meat.... ;-)

A gold locket.

hmmm i like that idea, but any ideas on how to make one? i dont have much money..... 

If you can't think of anything else, send an e-card.

i might just have to do that....but maybe ill draw the card and scan it in. That will be my last resort 

An origami rose would be great, but any ideas how to send it in a letter?