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Valley View Park: An RCT3 park Answered

I have seen many people on the Atari community forums make a park and tell a storyline of the park and it's owner. I decided I would start this one on Instructables. Remember that this storyline stuff is not my own idea but the park is and the actual storyline of this park is also original. I will be explaining each picture in depth.When I put a number in the text it means you should look at that picture.
Fun fact: There are 47 pictures! :-O

                                                           March 2010

It has been officially announced in the paper that a new theme park has opened on the Spring highway about forty kilometres Northwest of Central Coast, Australia. The funds from several schools and high schools around Central Coast had gone to Mr. Fredrickson to build some kind of entertainment on this small piece of land just after the Trail river bridge. He has apparently decided to build a theme park called Valley View Park. Part of the park can be seen from the bridge as seen in the following picture:1. The entrance can be seen in the following picture.2. It may only be the opening day but it seems people have found out about the inauguration day. People are already coming down the path that leads to the entrance as seen in picture 3. Photographers from local newspapers have been given permission to take pictures and write articles about the new park. Picture 4 shows a camera crew coming across the bridge. Mr Fredrickson has decided to give the camera crew a tour of the park. As the crew enters the park they can see several undercover food stalls as seen in picture 5. There are a few more stalls on the right and an entrance to a garden in picture 6. In picture 7 you can see the rest of the main street including information booths and a bathroom at the end. You must travel through a brick building to get to the garden and picture 8 shows the garden from the inside of the building.

Once the crew explored the garden they continued the tour down the main street and found the entrance to main ride of the park which is called Blackbeard's Voyage as seen in pictures 9 and 10. It is surrounded by a castle and can't be seen until the crew enters the castle structure. Upon entering the crew finds out that the ride is a pirate ship ride surrounded by pirate animatronics as seen in picture 11. As they get closer to the entrance of the pirate ship, they get a much better picture of the ride. Picture 12. Mr Fredrickson gave the camera crew a picture of when it had finished being constructed. Picture 13 shows how there are several cannons pointing towards the ship when the ship is in motion. This gives the peeps an experience of being on a pirate ship. Luckily the cannons don't shoot cannonballs. Mr Fredrickson has no plans of relocating it or taking it out of the park as it is the most popular ride and the castle surrounding it brings lots of peeps to the ride. In picture 14 you can see the control booth where the operators are. As the crew exited the ride they saw treasure chest all over he place as seen in picture 15. The exit leads back to the main street so they kept walking and turned right at the entrance of Blackbeard's voyage and saw the top spinner ride called Inversion Spinner seen in pic 16. Before riding the Inversion Spinner Mr Fredrickson wanted to show the camera crew the viewing tower to the left seen in pic 17. Pics 18 and 19 show the flight of stairs and the viewing balcony. After coming out Mr Fredrickson directed the crew to a small garden with an oak tree in the middle. Pics 20 and 21 show the garden. Mr Fredrickson explained that the tree is an endangered oak so he decided to build the park around and keep it in good condition. Pic 22 shows the entrance to Inversion Spinner and pic 23 shows the ride. Pic 24 shows the control booth for this ride. Pics 25 to 27 show the entrance to the Viewing Canopy and pic 28 shows the viewing canopy. Pic 29 shows the bridge from the lookout. People come here to see the the valley and the Trail river which can be seen in pic 30.

As the Camera crew exited the viewing canopy Mr Fredrickson took them to the next ride which is a spiral slide named Python. Pics 31 and 32. Pics 33 and 34 show the entrance to the next ride which is a twirler ride named Twister. Pic 35 shows the ride's control booth. Pics 36 and 37 show more of the ride. This ride is not as popular as the other rides so it would not be surprising if it was taken out at some stage. Pic 38 shows the exit of the ride. The park owner then takes the crew to the las ride which is a ferris wheel named Junior Wheel. Pics 39 and 40 show the entrance to the ride and pic 41 shows the ride. pic 42 shows the control booth. This is a popular ride for couples and small kids. Pic 43 shows the park view from the top of the Junior Wheel. After the crew left the ride they headed back to the main street shown in pic 44. Before they left the park they interviewed Mr Fredrickson about upcoming plans. Here is what the park owner had to say: "The staff and I are very happy about how popular our opening day was. We have already been able to determine the most popular rides although this may change in the future. If we get as much money as today for the next few months we'll be able to expand the park and add more rides. We have recieved many questions from guests asking if there is a roller coaster in the park. That may be a possibility in the future. We are now focusing on buying two pieces of land that belong to local farmers. Pic 45 shows both properties. The large property is very barren and the farmer would be happy to sell it at a good price. The second property will be harder to buy because it's owner has had a good harvesting year. If we can raise enough money to buy the properties then it will give us much more land to build on. Any other future plans will not be revealed today."

The owner gave the crew a great tour of the park and they plan to publish it in the newspaper as soon as possible.

The future looks bright for this new park. Pics 46 and 47 show the park from an aerial view.

Be sure to check back every now and then for updates on the park. Any questions will be answered. Please subscribe and thanks for taking your time to read this. The updates won't have to be as long as this one.              


Lolzers. I reckon this is in between Nerdy and Obscene.

Thanks I think. I used a lot of custom scenery on this park. Do you have RCT3?

I got the demo of Rollercoaster Tycoon 2, but that was 6 months ago. Its a good game, but I prefer the new games coming out. I don't mean to offend you at all, but I'm guessing you aren't allowed to play any FPS games like COD or TF2? I'm a nintendo guy.

I'm A Mario guy!! I have: Super mario 64 ds, Mario and sonic at the olympic games. Mario kart ds and others.

there are 7 of them 2 are outside the castle there's 1 at spook garden and the rest i forgot but in the white door is only one star

Do you have a Nintendo Wii? Super mario 64 DS is good, but the Original is way better. When you say the others, do you mean NSMB DS, or Mario party? Do you have any of the Yoshi ones?

I'm getting one when I get to Australia. I've played NSMB and I lost Mario party. I don't think there are any yoshi ones for DS. But I have a super nintendo emulator on my PC.

Oh when you get Wii you HAVE to get Super Mario Galaxy... Its rated the best game ever. Don't get SMG2 if its out though, you need to play through the first. Yoshis Island (2 or 3 maybe)?

I was thinking if getting that or mariokart wii or marioparty 8 which I played at a friends house.

Mariokart is a 'luvvit hateit' game. Marioparty 8 is a collection of fun minigames all-round. I reccomend Marioparty 8.

So your saying I should get Mario Party 8, then mario galaxy then mariokart? My Bro is crazy about getting smash bros brawl.

Super Smash Bros Brawl is hard to pick up. May take a few months, but its co-op story would be good for you and your bro. I bought it 5 months ago. Its a great multi player game, so I reccomend you get SSBB.

We've played the previous versions and we're pretty good.

The previous versionS? I thought there was only one other version, for either the SNES, NES, or the 64?

They had it on N64 and SSBB Melee on Nintendo game cube.

Does your bro have an ibles account? Is he JMrocks?

JMrocks is a friend. My bro is rollerbolder. Weird name.

Wait you mean his ibles name, or his real name? Sorry if its a stupid question to you, but some people name their kids things like 'apple'.