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Valley View Park Update 1 Answered

Here's the first update of Valley View Park. Please see the first forum before seeing this one.

                                                        June 2010

The park has undergone several changes during the last few months. First of all the main street has been redone with a brick paving as seen in pictures 1 and 2. Peeps seem to like this change as it gives the main street a more "main" feel to it. Blackbeard's voyage has continued to attract a lot of guests as seen in pic 3. The Castle surrounding it gives the peeps a ride to remember. Pic 4 shows the viewing tower which has started to be demolished as not many people have visited the tower. Mr. Fredrickson says that the park will replace the tower with another ride. As we can see in pic 5 Inversion Spinner continues to attract a large amount of peeps due to the intensity of the ride. It has become the most popular ride in the park. Python is also very popular although we can see in pic 6 that a new sign has been put up. It says to wait for the previous person to arrive at the bottom of the slide before you go down. This has been put up because of some accidents that have happened. In the next pic(7) we can see a new ride that has apparently replaced twister as it was not very popular. In pic 8 we can see a large amount of peeps going to the new ride. Pic 9 shows the entrance to the new ride DESTRUCTION. Pic 10 shows that it is a revolution ride that has replaced twister. The new ride attracts much more people than the previous ride. In pic 11 we can see that the park has been able to buy some new land. The barren field was bought but the owner has not revealed what he plans to use it for. This new property has elarged the park. In pic 12 we see that junior wheel has been practically deserted. It would not be a surprise to see this ride demolished. Pic 13 shows an overview of the park. The future of this park lies in the hands of Mr. Fredrickson. 


nice updates=)

Thanks! Also I was thinking of our collaboration and I was thinking of a pipe-supported launched coaster. How does that sound?

Could you do a collab with me, I don't have the expansion packs, but I have downloaded LOADS of extra content of the rct3 forums and sites. A pipe supported launch coster sounds good, I have steelworx to do the track supports.

I never thought of doing an RCT3 collab. That sounds fun!

yeah- the coasters and parks are only a few kilobytes- you can send them by email no prob, but compatibility is an issue- I don't have soaked/ wild, and my version is Pc gamer's, so it is a bit temperamental, it crashes sometimes.

i'm gonna get the deluxe version soon, that's all on one disk

I know, but I tried installing my cousin deluxe, then using the standard CD, it didn't work, so instead of the cd installing the extra packs, they were just run off the CD, but in platinum, you install the packs, so you can use any rct3 disk.

ok, any way if a collab is possible, not at the moment, loads of exams for the next 4 weeks!

Where are you now? You should put wherever you are up on your profile, so everyone knows how far you are off Australia.

I'm gonna do a knex launch coaster with him not RCT3 :-P. It'll have to wait until i get back to Australia.

I've thought of that before for my own nefarious needs. MUAHAHAHAHHAHA! :-P

You can still do it with a micro coaster, some people said they have if you read the comments, just changer the track and replace the chain with the new system.

Looking good! But, why is this in the Knex forum? It should be in the games. :-)


8 years ago


Thanks. Did you see the first part? Also do you have RCT3?

:-P You should buy it. If you do make sure to get Platinum because it comes with soaked and wild expansion packs.

Have it? I love it! Have you heard of CSOs and CTRs? if oyu haven't then seacrh for rct3 CSO sand CTRs on google, look at the stuff people have made for this game! Steelworx is the best.

Where do you think I got the brick paving from? Steel worx is pretty cool but there are other supports that i got like steel jungle.