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Vanilla Beans I have a bundle of vanilla beans that I bought in Mexico several years ago. Answered

When I just opened the plastic bag (stored inside a glass jar) they appear to have a fuzzy like moldy substance on them.  Could this be mold?    Help

Should I throw them away?



Really good vanilla beans can show a thin layer of exuded material, consisting of vanillin and other flavor components.  That coating, however, should have been on the beans when you bought them.  Otherwise it is likely to be mold.

Vanilla beans bought in bulk are quite reasonable now.  Toss the ones you have and check eBay for new ones if you're in the market.


8 years ago

They're wasted. Throw them out or use them in a pot potpourri but don't consume them.

 Even if they didn't have mold on them, throw them out.  Vanilla beans only have a 6 to 9 month shelf life.  You're well past that.

"several years ago" - probably. What do they smell like?


Yes it probably is mold.  You should throw them away.