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Variable USB Power Supply (5V 2A) Answered

I was looking to either build, buy, put together (kit) a Variable USB Power Supply similar to the one that I saw on the EEVBlog (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxWRT4U_I9o). I really liked the compact design of his version, but he never finished it, so I can't buy that kit ;-(

Is there a simple way to put together something that is protected (so I don't kill the USB socket I get power from) and has a Variable Volt and Amp adjustments knobs/buttons. I've looked at getting a full size Bench Power Supply, but would love to just have one so that I can power from my laptop or any of my million Micro USB power adapters (5v 500ma through 5v 3A supplies). My first project is something I need to eventually run off of AA batteries, but I didn't wanna keep on re-charging the batteries while I test my circuit design. Would rather have a constant source of 1.25v-1.5v power during the prototype phase.

I'm just now getting into Electronics, so please take it easy on my poor little brain.

Hopefully this hasn't already been asked, didn't find anything in my quick search through the forums.



2 years ago

have a look at the buck power modules on eBay. They have adjustable output voltage and current and my do what you want. Not sure of their ability to limit source current though, although a small fuse would probably do the job. I used one on an instructible and it works a treat.


3 years ago

EEVBlog is still actively working on the design. Comment on the video and ask when he will be doing more with it and possibly releasing it. But you don't need something that runs off USB. Anything that will run off your laptop's USB plug will be limited to less than 1A output. Look up one of the many PC Power Supply bench top power supply mods. This will be your best option when developing an electronics project.