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Vasaline on bird feeders? Answered

Many of my friends say that they use vasaline on there bird feeder perches to keep the squirrels off, but I don't know if it would work what do you guys think?


I dont think that the Vaseline would be to nice for the birds, might be better to make a different type of bird feeder or buy a squirl proof bird feeder.

A bird feeder can be attached to a motor and pressure switch that only activates when enough weight is on it, and spins the squirrel off....I have seen these sold commercially, but that shouldn't be too hard to make (needs sealing from the weather though)

Our bird feeder is hanging about six feet in the air, suspended by a length of wire from a twelve-foot-high limb. It's about ten feet out away from the tree. Squirrels can't jump up to it or across from the trunk, and they can't hang on to the wire to climb down. We've only ever had one squirrel get on it because a trash can was left sitting next to it. I then simply walked up to the feeder with the trapped squirrel on it and whacked the feeder, sending the squirrel flying across the yard.

Boy, that was fun.

If you don't want squirrels in your feeder, buy one that zaps the crap out of any squirrel trying to get free food, and it doesn't affect the birds. My grandpa has one. Pop a 9volt in and your ready to go.

Nope, won't even slow them down. You'd have to put the birdfeeder at the top of a tall greased pole, and that probably wouldn't work either. The easy way is to switch over to feeding only Safflower, squirrels won't eat it, usually. ;-)

I think it probably would work. You'd probably have to put it on daily, though.