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Vending Machine Pizza WTF? Answered

Food culture is on the skids with this latest assault on your stomach. Buying one of these is basically saying that your body is not a temple but a broken down playground and that you hope that with a little bit more grease you can oil up the swingset for a couple more rides.

And if you feel a little sluggish afterwards, there's that handy bit of Red Bull right next to it.

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Eugh. We have a "Fresh toasted Panini" vending machine in our school. It charges £2.50 for a ham and cheese, or £4 if you want 2. I want to see one with a clear plexiglas front so you can see what's going on inside.

They have these at rest stops and stuff. I'm sorry normally on a 6 hour car ride i get hungry and i don't want to eat some lame potato chips and Dominoes won't deliver to a car

Strange when I take long car trips we frequently stop at places called restaurants to eat, but what ever floats your boat.

Well when I travel to places like my grandparents we are on the PA turnpike and such and there's not many real restaurants there's the Arby's and Burger King, but if you pass it, then feel hungry. They have those at rest stops I'm just trying to say, these things aren't in schools and offices and such

what's the matter never seen an automat :P?


Oh I remember going to an automat as a little little child, I also have vague memories of a place where the dishes traveled on a conveyor belt and you grabbed what you wanted.

Wow, this is.....just a whole other level of awesome. I want one of these!

WTF?!?! A Pizza Vending Machine?!?! Never seen one in my life!

That is about as processed as it gets.

They just sell rerrible pizza at all. The dough triples the original italia one. Aweful

Oh hell yea ! I need one in my room lol