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Venus Won't Pass Between Us and The Sun For Over Another 105 Years Answered

Venus Passing between us and the Sun visible across N. America tomorrow at sunset for Reno.


None of us will live to see the next transit :-(



I saw this happen. Those of us who are invincible with see it again, Like me :)

Remember the rest of us when you do see it again.

While it may be seen sooner from a future Mars colony...


None of us will live to see the next transit :-(

Now that's just being defeatist!

No witty comeback,
regrettably the label sticks.
Watching today's solar track.
Defeatism is only for hicks.
Sunrise tomorrow is a happy fact.


"I" plan on being there IF they get my Cylon body built in time :-D

I know an older EE turned blogger mystic who knows about a off-world being that rejuvenated you back to age 22 every 55years :-)


Well, I'd like to take the "grow your own orgins" technology, and that grow your own cloths technology and just grow back what wears out LOL

Apparently the best time to see the transit from the UK is 04:30 local time.

Add that to a forecast of grey skies and showers, I think I'll look at the results of the experts later in the day...

As with every celestial event... we have rain in the forecast... ;-(

Yes we seem to have the same problem here.....almost as if it were planned that way....I haven't seen a meteor shower....ever. :-(

Me neither. The best thing I ever saw here was a single meteor. It blazed across the early morning sky from west to east. It was a huge, bright ball of light that changed to a bluish-purple to a fiery red and lit up the sky. It was amazing, but one of those one-in-a-million chances.

I THINK I've seen a meteor.....out of the corner of my eye.....the only thing I have EVER seen was a satellite moving among the stars.....that was kind of cool

Even Google maps was showing clouds over you a moment ago.


lol... ya they're up there all right. Like the Murphy's Law of all Flintstones rain clouds... they show up when you don't want them to...

Speaking of the Flintstones.....my luck runs like good ole Badluck Shleprock's :-)

Transit of the Sun by Venus captured by iPhone with an 8X mobile phone Telescope with a filter.. Imaged from over my head and through the sun-roof of my car.

Right nothing,
I was in a car line waiting to pick-up a grand son when this vid was taken
by my shaky hand and the edge was just due while
NPR radio was actually describing the event a scarce combination...


Just Proud to be able to cut-up a filter and hold the iPhone steady enough to see the big bright Orange thingy while in a drivers seat.
Using a mobile phone is highly illegal in our state......

I give you props for all of that. And the timing of the radio broadcast was amazing. I thought you had added that post production. Now that I understand all the forces that had to align for the event, I'm amazed that you got all that you did. Here too, it did not clear up enough for any viewing, and our laws have also banned our use of mobile devices while driving (unless your a police officer, which seems a little odd)... Good effort though. ;-)

Wash out here this morning. We woke up at 4:15 to check.

THEN we had glorious sunshine by lunchtime. Grrr.


I was fortunate to be correct - thick cloud here all through the transit, so I don't feel bad about staying in bed.

of course it was an overcast day for my area in aussie

yes, but at least i saw some footage on the news that night
i love space :D


6 years ago

I was pretty bummed. i had a perfect clear day in Northern California, and a pair of good welding goggles. I saw the sun fine, but Venus must have been too small.

Sorry for your loss, I would imagine even a minute haze would prevent you from making out the tiny speck on the sun.
A friend of mine at our 5000' plus altitude was able to make out the planet by flicking his eyes to increase vision resolution.

I tried that too. It was pretty annoying because I am about at 2800 feet, have perfect vision, and it was a clear day. No big deal though\.


6 years ago

I never cleaned up the room sized Pin-Hole-Camera from the recent eclipse and the Transit of Venus cleared the clouds long enough to capture these short vids....

High praise indeed  :¬)
Thank you so much....

Snapped using a point-and-shoot digital camera through the eyepieces of four different telescopes in Victoria, BC. Great sight! Our pinhole camera didn't generate enough resolution to make out Venus, though.


Cool pictures.

Here is my pin-hole room. 
From target to the metal foiled sliding glass door.


Nice... looking at this, I think I took "pinhole" too literally. I'll know for next time :)

Thank you...
It was an accident,  like many discoveries are :-)

Nice photos!

BTW, thanks for blowing all the clouds to the mainland... Vancouver wasn't the place to be for this event...

Thanks... and you're welcome, of course :)

We may not see the next Venus transit, but there is a Mercury transit predicted for May 9, 2016.

I will certainly procrastinate and throw something together with masking tape, broken sunglasses, binoculars, and a cat food lid again.

It was 100 degrees (~37 celcius) and we had storm clouds, but the clouds parted and I saw it!!!! The hastily thrown together viewers worked and we knew it was Venus instead of dirt on the lens because the little black dot moved. I took pictures of my set-up, but the macro feature on the camera was malfunctioning so no pictures of venus crossing the sun disc.

Anyone else get to see it?