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Vertical Vivarium Answered


About two months ago I finished building my first vivarium. It's a monster at 5'wX2'hX2'd. It has a false-bottom, live plants, anoles, homemade irrigation system, appears cordless, made of 1/8th inch plexiglass and silicone sealed. Recently, it began to leak. The water pooled underneath the bottom panel and remained hidden until it seeped through the plywood it was resting on. I now have a series of buckets collecting constant drips underneath this thing. If I'm going to go through the trouble of emptying the tank and fixing the seal I might as well redesign it so this problem doesn't happen again. 

I'd like to make more of a vertical vivarium since I am housing green anoles and they love having height. I'm thinking of recycling as much wood and plexiglass as possible; however, I'd like to avoid as much DIY sealing as possible. I'd like to have either sliding plexiglass doors, plexiglass doors on hinges, or a plexiglass panel held in place by magnets on the front. To fill the vertical space I'd like to have a living wall type plan.

If anyone has any tips, guides, or advice for: the front doors, living walls, improving the bottom, or improving the false-bottom, it would be much appreciated.


For a magnetic closure try getting hold of the strip that holds fridge doors shut.

Are you planning on starting from scratch, or recycling panels you already have?

Recycling the plexiglass panels

So, you have three or four panels, 5' x 2'?

Correct. I have 4 panels 5'x4. I think I'm going in the direction of having 3 visible sides (left, right, and front). The front is going to be 2 doors (wood framed plexiglas). I also have two 2'x2 sections.