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Very Frustrated - Instructable Won't Publish!?! Answered

Okay, so I'm a professor and I have a nice project to publish.  For a first time user of this site, I'm thoroughly frustrated with the lack of detailed feedback when something is wrong.  I would fix it if it would tell me.  Usually I just walk away thinking that the thing is simply not worth the time, but the reputation of this site gives me repose to try to find out why.

My instructable was saved and shows up in my drafts.  Great.

I hit publish and it goes to a page to request keywords and category.  Great.

I put a minimum of 2 keywords and select a category.  Great.

I press "yes, publish my instructable" and the page refreshes, clearing everything I've entered.

After doing this ten times with no other results or feedback of what the problem is, I find myself writing this topic in hopes somebody knows why. 

Whatever the answer is to this dilemma, its kind of ironic that the instructable site is so lacking in basic feedback when there is a problem..

Oh well, I hope you understand my frustration.


Put a comma between the keywords. Fixed it for me.

Same issue. No error message. Can not make it work at all!!!

I'm having the exact same issue!
When I hit the "Yes, publish my instructable" button - nothing happens at all..
I have looked over my instructable and I can't find anything wrong with it! Please help!!

Does the URL still contain a block of random letters, or does it now contain actual words?

No words.. when I press to publish absolutely nothing happens :(


You're lacking text on a lot of steps, which may upset the system a bit. Try editing in some written instructions as well as the screen shots.

I have added text for every step, and still a no-go.

Hmmm, we need HQ, I think, but, in the meantime, make sure you have no script blocking addons running, clear your cache, and hard-reload the page.

I just discovered and removed a few extension viruses and managed to publish!!
Thank you!

it might be unrelated - but the same happens if when I try editing my profile (uploading image). I click but no response....

The site usually returns a message when something doesn't work, clicking anywhere on the screen removes the message - so maybe it got missed.

Can you provide me with a URL of your project so I can investigate?

But will it blend? I can't tell if that distortion pedal is a step-by-step or a photo instructable. I think the system chokes up on step-by-step ibles that do not have more than one "step" or missing a photo. Ibles has that Steve Jobs approach, we know what you need, we know how you are going to use it and it should be easy for anyone to figure out or was that here's our beta test, use it, find out what is broke and tell us.

You have triggered the automatic filters. A little patience, and a human from HQ will release it into the wild.

However, please also see my PM (check your inbox) in a few minutes.