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Very Important warning!! Read! Answered

You might have noticed a couple of spam threads in the forums lately.

For example, If you spot one a thread about shoe sales in the food section , you know it it spam.

Report these threads and contact an Instructables Staff member.

A few of these threads say that you could win free merchandise by clicking the links.

It is very important that you do not click these links

Some of the links are proven spyware and adware sites. Ignore these links at all cost!!

Besides, what are the chances that you actually won a free xbox 360?!


*One year later* Is this legit?

Some of these are allowed in the "For Sale" forum, but anywhere else just don't respond to them.

That's what I mean. it would b okay if put in the proper places, but I actually spotted one selling shoes.....in the food section...

Right now, Ive only spotted two. The reason I posted this, is because i found one thread that links to spyware and adware sites.

This place is clean so far, and I wanna keep it that way.

so did you just look at link location or actually click it?

1) I have encountered these before 2) I looked them up on various antivirus websites. They all say the exact same thing I also checked the Mcafee Site Advisor. Being able to recognize a spyware and not clicking it is the smart thing to do. Clicking it to find out is stupid. How about if YOU click on them and find out? -not responsible if you do click.


Do not skate into pools!! :P

Just kidding. Yes, that is me. Yes, it was yesterday.

Seriously your kidding? the girl giggling in the background seemed to be the same person filming.

..you...you have issues...

dont make puns about magazines now..

that's seriously you? you always sound like a teacher or somtin' but seriously ....

You could always do what my friend and I want to do and ride a bike off a diving board and or dock :D We plan on doing that this summer.

You do know that, because of the length of a bike, if you are not going fast enough or if you do not pull up on the front wheel as it goes "over the edge" it could drop and the chain or part of the frame could strike the diving board, or the edge of the dock?

no, you can easily do it. if you have about 2 feet to get speed, well, thats all you need. with about 6 feet i can 180... you just need to know how to do a simply bunnyhop.

True, I didn't mean it couldn't be done, but that simply driving off the edge will produce unwanted results, unless a really decent speed is built up or the rider somehow gets the front end to stay "up" for longer then normal. ;-)

actually, even if you have good speed, you still need to lean back/pull up. and staying up longer than normal, well, all you need to do is pull up on the bars and lean back.... you need to do that on almost all drops.

Hmm, that depends on the speed and the distance between the bottom of the tire and the chain itself. Since a body traveling in a straight line tries to continue to travel in a straight line (in this scenario, being pulled out downwards in an arc because of gravity), the inertia of the bike moving forward, if going fast enough, should overcome the gravitational for for a moment or two. However, if the bike has like, 12 inch wheels on it and only has about 2-3 inches before the chain or pedals hit, you would be right. As soon as it leaves "solid ground" it will start to drop; the slower one goes the quicker the effects of that drop take place.

im not talking about casing the bottom bracket, im talking about the landing and being in the air, not only would you lose control in the air a bit, the landing could break your forks, it may bend your wheel, and it can cause a large loss of control. unless your landing is sloped of course....

Um, she originally was speaking of driving a bike off a dock into the water. :-)

i know but i said
you need to do that on almost all drops.

and thats what i thought you were responding to

Oh sorry I missed that. :-) Yeah, my one statement did cover this though ;-) ( As soon as it leaves "solid ground" it will start to drop; the slower one goes the quicker the effects of that drop take place. ) Which I guess I assumed to much (since the front wheel leaves first, it will drop first, so on "other jumps" one would nose dive and one doesn't want to land on the front wheel by any means :-) I did this once myself (I can still remember hitting the ground with the front wheel so hard it jarred the handlebars right out of my hands, and I ended up splayed over the handlebars with the front wheel (no fender) merely and inch or two from my face before I fell over onto the macadam. Fun times LOL

but, even with good speed, one will end up "nose diving" into the water :-)

Watch American Funiest videos sometime and you will normally see at least ONE person do it :-)

I would like to see these variables: (or some word like that....) variants? 1) A unicycle 2) one of those bicycles for a lot of people 3) a motorcycle (in the board) 3) a chicken 4) a tv 5) goodhart (ka-plash!!!!!)

I'm too frail anymore, I could break bones hitting the water.... LOL


Which ? What I said was in reference to the running something off a pier into the water.....and the picture is just a random something I picked up recently and think is funny :-)

the picture,I've seen you post it a lot of times, but I don't get it

He's old, soaking his feet.....some people might stare, watch, gawk at, one so old, and the caption gives a different twist on why someone should continue to stare :-) Obviously said with some sarcasm, and definitely meaning to communicate "stop staring" which is the opposite of what was said. :-)

The Bognor Birdman has been ~~cancelled~~ suspended until further notice, thanks to bureaucratic idiocy about insurance or liability.

Haha maybe I should take a video of it and put it on there.....

are you growing your hair to look like that one asian guy in 21, vantage point... and uhhh. can't think any other movies he's in. My bro wants hair like that (he's 16) Him

That's your brother? Cool picture. Nah, my hair just looks like that in the movie cause I was swimming. I'm trying to grow it out like my old hair, which is this: (Yeah, that's me.)


nah, it's the actor that my bro wants his hair like, this is my brother: First pic: my bro on the left, my dad's coworker on right 2nd pic: My bro on the right his friend on the left (TSA regional Comptetition) 3rd pic: Me on right, him on left, my 14th birthday, happened to be the same day as the TSA regional competition 4th pic: him being a drug adict for haloween


4th pic: him being a drug adict for haloween

Yikes. There's one drug addict who dresses better than me!

you just went 1 place up in my list of cool people.