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Vibrating Finger Ring Creation Answered

I'm looking for someone to build me a finger ring that has some kind of vibration/impulse capability that is pre-set to vibrate at certain times and/or intervals throughout the day. I will create a website where the user enters in when, or at what durations, they want it to vibrate. This is then somehow sent to the ring and it vibrates accordingly.  Looks are not really important but not being bulky is desirable. Is this possible? Let me know your thoughts and cost estimates and I'll respond asap. 

Thanks for reading. 


I have been a jeweler in Chicago for about 30 years. might be inerested in coming up with a design
thanks Pete


5 years ago

Hi Caitlinsdad,

Thanks for the reply. I have no idea about these things so pardon if I asked the world. But bluetooth earpieces are quite small these days and pairing it with a cell phone would be fine as most people carry them throughout the day. Another option might be scrapping any transmitter/receiver and simply having a setting on the ring that is a sort of timer. I'm envisioning the edge of the ring could rotate to dictate the number of repetitions throughout the day.


I don't know what you intend to use this for or the scale of how many you want to produce but I have seen real tiny wristwatches/pendants that could probably be programmed for an alarm function and mounted in a finger ring form factor. I think they do beep so a tiny piezo speaker to vibrate wouldn't be out of the question. You have to find someone knowledgeable on engineering import goods. Good luck.

Just want one, for me. And I'd be happy to pay an engineer to build it. I actually thought there were engineers perusing here that's why I posted. And right, I've seen watches with something similar, I'd just like a ring. Thanks for the piezo speaker idea!

All the engineers are busy working on evil world domination, things like that...they are keeping that vibrating pinky ring a secret. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

1. I would charge a million dollars US to make one.
2. Seriously, you are looking at essentially creating a mini-paging device. The smallest thing comparable now would be wireless bluetooth receiver earpiece , kinda small but they still need to be paired up with a transmitter/receiver like a cellphone.