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Vibrobots - a technical question Answered

All vibrobots I have seen use an offset, rotating mass to induce vibration. I have access to a motor with a reciprocating output. Would it be best to set the mass vibrating front-to-back of the vibrobot, or up-and-down? Or at some angle between the two?


Given a not perfectly balanced creation will be made, I assume it will move, regardless.....too much forward to backward reciprocating motion may have it toppling over. Too much vertical motion may only have it doing jumping jacks in place. Maybe you can build in some adjustability into the mount so you can make it go more often then ending up face down or face up, without having to rebuild it with each try. Allow for some hysteresis in it's highest portion of the jump and you will have it moving randomly about in no time :-)

Actually, I'm hoping for some directability.

Oh ok, A bit of a challenge then..... :-)


One presumes that the Zeroth Law applies...


But he's not asking if he should post, he's asking for design assistance...

And then, ~~if~~ when it works, I shall post (but not for 3 or 4 weeks, thanks to holidays - I'm away for a couple of weeks from Saturday).

A week in Cumbria with my parents, then a week in Northumberland renting a cottage with friends.

I will be taking my little laptop, though, so I'll be "here" for the first week at least, and maybe if I get near a McDonalds in the second.

(For reference for non-Brits, I live in Suffolk.)

Awesome! (Haha you'll miss Gmjhowe, sadly...)

Oh, yay! Glad to hear it. :)

Yes, at...well, finding his address is half the fun of this website! I won't spoil it for anybody. ;)

I can tell it you right know if you so wish!

Personally, I'm not bothered, and wouldn't ask for it in the forums anyway.

Other people, however, have changed stalking from the actions of a disturbed psyche into a middle-class sport. Just being given what you're after spoils the fun. Like kiss-chase.

No, Lira, I do NOT mean you are trying to kiss him, please, do not fly off on one.

The existence of a design implies its eventual realization, and consequent invocation of the Zeroth Law. I'm merely reducing the delay in application.

How was that for some unnecessarily obfuscatory language?!

Not at all; the existence of a design very often implies no kind of construction at all (view all the unused designs in the U.S. Patent archives!), and in any event the invocation of the Law is often unnecessary as the constructor of said design simply proceeds to post without asking for community validation.


Bravo, extra points awarded for a well explained logical process !

Yes, I saw that.

Looks like quite a good idea, although I find the idea of summer camps to be so American.

It depends upon the feet. Strict vertical with lets say wooden-table-like feet with cause it to jump on the spot (if anything). Springy Kangaroo-like-feet and you could get forward motion. The strict lateral could work if there was bias in the feet/legs, such that one direction was easier to move in. L

As I understand, the feet are supposed to be angled slightly backwards, and slightly springy/flexible. I am currently thinking about two "patches" of legs, front and back, with the motor slung between.

If you put enough energy into it with asymmetric legs, it's going to move I think. L

I'm thinking to angle the motion top-front down to bottom-back. My idea is that the push back-and-down will press the legs into the ground, resisting motion, and the fore-and-up motion will lift it slightly off the ground, reducing the friction slightly so that it moves forwards more easily.

A sort of hopping then? Sounds workable. L

Count the time between these comments: that's how long I spent trying to find a clip of a Robot Wars vibrobot (Series 3 Miss Struts vs Stomp Heat H - Walker). It had a lawnmower engine, hydraulics, and legs, but mostly vibrated. I think it won because the opposition failed...