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Video Editing Software Answered

anybody know of any free video editing software not WMM I need to cut and paste video and record into it also please help,



11 years ago

I'm making a video in ANALOG. (That means camera, tape recorder, splicing, NO COMPUTER! "SOFTWARE FREE!") It's easier (possible I mean) to do everything I want. Analog's been working great for 125 years! Thank Edison. I'll edit digitally a wee bit later just for the web.

I doubt that it is easier. I have worked analog for several years, and switching to digital was the best thing that ever happened. It is probably a matter of taste too, but a big factor is qualityloss of analog copying too. Digital editing has the big advantage that you do not need to wait to forward to a certain point too. We need DAYS less to view, cut and voice videos now.

How long are your videos that it takes DAYS LESS to do now? I'd get bored if I had to edit for more than one day!

We usualy have lots of raw material since the camera keeps running most of the time on our projects. When we had 6 tapes, it usualy took 4 days in the studio using analog equipment, and jog-dialing through the material, searching, copying, cutting, voicing, inserting music and such. Today we load it all into the computer, shift things arround in the videoeditor, and within a evening its almost done.

Which one do you recommend as the best for a PC? I want to add music and text to my videos, as well as editing and all that jazz. Which one is the best? Also, which ones are free?

The ones I mentioned are free. Its really a matter of taste and needs which program suits your best. Some are simple. Some have lots of functions but are not intuative to use.

VirtualDub to some extend, WAX 2 (debugmode.com) and Zweistein.