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Video Game Console Cabinet Answered

Hey so I recently pulled out my old game systems and played them. We normally keep them in the attic but i want easy access so i can play them whenever. I was considering making squares just stacked up on eachother but that's boring. does anybody have any ideas? And also I wonder if cabinets would be better or just have them open so you can see the systems. For an idea of how much room I need I have an Nes, Snes, Atari, N64, Ps2, Xbox, Wii and i would like a few extra in case i get more. I also need space for games and accessories. Does anybody have any ideas for how i could make this look really cool? Thanks.


get a network rack and put em all inside get identical empty computer cases and build a wall from them whtever you do keep them cool and open to air

postttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt it

not exactly what i wasd looking for but thats very cool. i just need shelves or cabinets to keep the systems in but i need ideas to make them look good