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Video Game Ideas Wanted Answered

A couple of friends and I are planning on making our own Video Game. I thought it would be cool to ask others for ideas.
Our game is a mixed genre (we are attempting to put as many game types into one as possible, but still keeping it somewhat reasonable) sci fi game based a couple hundred years into the future. Humans have colonized mars, but their is a war between the two planetary alliances. Meanwhile there is an underground organization that controls everything going on in human society. They prepare for the return of the true martian race who left behind some ancient relics which were discovered and kept a secret.
The main character is a super soldier created by the underground society. You unite the human race and fight against the aliens.
We have story ideas but would like to hear ideas from other people. All suggestions are welcome.

Suggestions could include, but are not limited to:
Genre types
Plot ideas and twists
Side missions

One other thing is that we were thinking that the aliens could be human based, and be like a sub-species of humans. Yes or No?

Any other ideas are welcome. Thanks to all who help.



4 years ago

Yes, I like that sub-species aliens are aliens true! I have ideas for may be against you. The Earth was nuked by the Chinese, who colonized Mars, and the Russian Government was working with the U.S Government in a enclosed town in the ground, like a bunker or something that was protected from radiation and all that. The game starts after the Earth was nuked and you find your self drowning and a boat is above you, and you must find the bunker the U.S and Russian Government are in and find a way to get to mars, to stop the Chinese (which the army will call them Commies) from taking over the whole Universe! From being a Stowaway on a cargo ship to running lost in mines, you can make weapons and you can even get your first companion on the boat (that rescued you) by doing a side quest called "The Simulation" where you go to a facility made after the nukes that makes simulations and you can go there to forget your life and mope about(not really), that's my idea, not much else, I hope you like it DeviateKarma.....if not I'm coming up with ideas for stuff all the time!


4 years ago

Well here is mine.. I hope it gets your involvement.

PS, Sorry about the scatter nature of it, I had to get it down when I thought of it.

Although this is just an idea.. I would like to see any ones thoughts and also if any one would have a go at programming and drawing some items like space craft, weapons and stuff.


The year is 2160.

Our story starts on a lonely stretch of highway far from any city or town. A sole occupant and vehicle are struck by a mysterious beam of energy, this beam has halted time and motion.
The occupants mind is suddenly bombarded by a stream of stark images of
blinding light, cities being leveled to the ground, images are of the
destruction of the our planet earth, but looking from space, down onto the planet earth.

(Game note: All players have this dream, every
dream will mean something different to each player). These dreams have no date line, they are just the images. Obviously, the person will not be able to
understand what is to happen next. NOTE; This the game has 6 primary people, these 6 primary people do not know each other exists, these gamers will have to find each other to discover what to do next. The gamers must uncover the meaning of the images in their nightmares. (Plot note, in actual fact every person who plays this game is the primary person, the people who enroll to play this game do not know who else is playing. There is no introduction, no story plot just the start of the game.) As the plot moves thru its time line the story starts to unfold, the six member team all work at the same “facility” known as, (A.P.S) Astral Propulsion System Inc. This facility is a research company that designs, test and builds spacecraft engines and componentry for a covert government body that is
primarily into space exploration, or so they say, there is also a special
military divisional arm that researches new cutting edge ideas for weaponry and
hard targeting guidance systems. As the story moves forward, the plot will
start to unravel, the aim of the team is to hijack the secret spacecraft that
is being prepared in the secured depths of the underground, at the facility.
This craft is being constructed in real time, the “Noah’s Ark” of space travel
you could say. Once the ARK is in space it is to navigate its way to a new home
world, the crew of this vessel must survive and work together making sure they
arrive at the new home world all in one piece. Once they land on this planet,
they will have to rebuild their lives, all the social structures that have kept
them going all this time, making a safe and secure place to live. Sounds simple
doesn’t it, well I don’t think it will be a cake walk, there is a lot to go
wrong out in the darkness of space, and there will be lot of aspects that will
need the expertise of the ARK Executive which the AP teams are a part of. Just
remember the plot never stops spinning, stop and think for a moment, what does it take to run a spacecraft with 2000 people on board, there is lot to manage I would think. Although this is a computer simulation, it still requires the player to be a part of it.


For the sake of simplicity, from this point on
the 6 members of the game construct will be tagged as APTM1 (CEO), APTM2
(ADMIN), APTM3 (SECURITY), APTM4(R&D), APTM5 (ENGINEERING) and APTM6 (FACILITY MAINTENANCE) It is deemed that this is the maximum number that the facility world plan will need to function, for this reason six was the magic number. Each team member has a critical role to play, without their roles the game cannot run, it cannot complete the tasks for the next stage to begin The first episode basically sets up all team members, their personalities,
interpersonal relationships thru real time actions and tasks. Also in this
episode all the members know the end is coming, of course not knowing when or by what means it will take. There will video scenes at certain points to help
which will be triggered by the logic engine of the game and at the start of the
games commencement. There is also a threat not natural to this world that
drives the urgency of this plot, which unfolds further down the story line. Of
course there’s the conspiracy to conceal this event from the rest of the
world…. In the episode of “Event Preparation” The game A.I will pick one team
member who must make contact with the rest of the team and convince them of
what lies ahead. Due to the vast environment of this game the team members will be identified by a code that is issued to them at the commencement of the game. You must not talk to any other players in the game construct, this will damage the story lines for other people playing in this world. This code is system generated and not player transferrable, if you opt out of the game, the AI will select a new player from members wanting to play and log them in, it is
possible that other players can transfer from one game to another, but this
will only be allowed by the AI, since it is the AI that runs the construct. The
thing to understand, is the environment for the player is created to feel as
real as possible, if you can, imagine yourself driving a car along a highway,
radio tuned to your favorite station, turning into the drive way of your own
address, unlocking the door to your own house, looking around this world will be
just like your own life “to some extent”. The object of this game is to give
the player a sense of intensity, also it will allow the player to immerse more
of themselves into this world. The A.I will allow real life involvement into the gaming platform, you will be able to see thru your viewing monitor the other players in your team one on one, you will able to talk to them in real time, just like if they were standing in front of you. When you have secret meetings, and you will have secret meetings, you will be viewing the team in real time, you can gaze across the large board room table and talk about anything you want, but be aware, you cannot trust anyone, the room can be bugged, one of your team members could have sold you out.. You know the saying "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer". Communication to other players can involve telephone, mobile, email and txt to real devices that will run thru the AI system in and out into the real world, so you can organize real time meetings in the V.R world from your office in the real world. The AI looks after the security of the platform as well, it will also allow a secure logic for the program to run the game play and keep it as real as possible for the players. After this immersive
connection is achieved then and only then can the team start working on their
tasks and preparing for the upcoming event. To make the interface real as
possible it is imperative that the “keep a secret” ideology be maintained. The
game can only really exist for players that commit to and believe in the
construct of autonomy, the AI system helps guide the players thru to the final
outcome of every episode, and believe me it is a long game. If there is any
outside input then the plot and immersion can and will suffer, thus not giving
the gamer the total effect when the outcome is reached. In reality games really
can only be played once, after that, the immersive effect decreases


GAME MAP (Highway)

Basically, a road map controlled by GPSN and
driven by the player to set addresses, these are found in the GPSN system, once
the address is logged into the GPS the vehicle will let you drive it there. The
car model can be open ended but in theory I don’t think it is really an
important part of the plot. The vehicle can be driven like a normal car, normal
car aesthetics and car dynamics would apply, real time simulation is a must. At
some time along the drive the GPS will trigger an alert on the driver to select
a direction. This direction will be either, Home, Work Facility, Town, or AICI
(Artificial Intelligence User Interface). At each decision there will other sub
sets to choose from. Eventually it will lead back to the main. The general aim
will be to progress the game to the facility where a vast part of the game will
be played.

Game Map (HOME)

The GPSN system will take the player back home.
Like normal this is where the player will most probably pull the plug on the
game and look over all what has been achieve. Unlike most games the player can
opt to jump back into the car and go back to work or any of the other choices,
just like in real life and finish off what tasks are needed. A set of level
scores will be displayed to allow the player to keep track of completion to
stages needed. Whilst you really can’t fail this game you can have a low level
of outcome. Like in real life you can’t fail life unless you opt out. Like
reality the player has a computer, a bank account, wallet, driver’s license,
bills etc… When the player is at home there will be specific triggers to help
the player get to set points to help move the scenario along the story line.
Also there will be a real time clock to trigger events based on the world clock
of events. This will keep a feeling of urgency to whole theme of ultimate
destruction of their world. The key to this environment is to keep the
normality of real life. This will also detract from the urgent, causing the
player to reflect on the outcome of the game time. This outcome of coarse is to
get everything done by all team members and close off all tasks which add to
the collective goals of each episode.

Game Map (THE

The GPSN system will take the player to the
facility from any point in the map. Once again the player drives from one point
to the other. The Facility map will have 6 section maps to it. Admin and Exec
Office,Security, Maintenance,
Engineering and Research and Testing. Within this map will be all the other
team members who are doing their thing to add to the total outcome. Each member
whose skill has been determined by “The Test” will have their own tasks to
complete each member will be working as team but not as a Co-Op based logic,
the player is totally independent from all other team members, at some point
there will have to be a cross over but you may not be aware of them. This is
where the players will evolve the game themselves, even thou each team member
works in a separate part of the facility their tasks are based on a collective
outcome. The design of the facility shall be structured in 2 parts, one above
ground and one below. Each section will have maps allowing GPS Nav sys to
operate, in some areas where you may be drifting off line the AI in the game
construct will advise you on what to do. This will not allow “Getting Lost”
scenarios to happen, this will keep the time line on track for team members and
give the team more explore time. The team members must stick to allocated tasks
enabling the time lines to be kept, if one of the team has problems getting a
task completed the member can ask for help, remember this is risky and you can
be discovered, so secrecy is important, you can trust no one but the team. If
team members complete tasks earlier than needed they get the credit on the
clock. Time is the ultimate enemy…

There is one important dynamic in the game that
is unique; if you can’t do it in real life, you can’t do it in the game. The
A.I of world construct will control a few things. Some examples are

•You can’t be walking along picking up 5 guns and a rocket launcher

•Kill people without a consequence.. you will get caught

•You can steal something, but if it is done badly you will get caught.

•If you lie to someone, you need to remember it, because it is always
the first thing to forget.

•Your actions are visible to others, so be cautious the way you do
things people are looking.

•If your bills don’t get paid, your electric, gas, mobile phone,
Internet and water, those services will be turned off.

•You earn a salary or a wage just like in real life, your funds do
diminish if you spend too much you go into overdraft. Repossessing your stuff
can happen.

•Your Emails you send are scanned, so don’t write something you will

•The U.I and the A.I do lots of things in the back ground of the world
environment, the people that walk around you may or may not be real… you take
the risk of being discovered if you talk to the wrong person.

•If you get sick, you can take a sick day or personal day, but remember
you are being watched.

•If you take off too many days, you will be talking to your boss or
supervisor, you may even lose your job. Thus, you can’t complete your mission…
You will die with the rest of the world.

Now I know this sounds a bit boring, but just
take a moment to think about what this game is about. It is about surviving an
apocalypse, the end of the world, to do this you first must stay alive and stay
unnoticed. You and the team you build must finish off each episode and get to
the ARK and depart for the new world. So… We all know this is just a game, of
course there is a game environment, so it is not going to be boring to the
point of ruining the plot. The Game A.I will control a lot of the time lines
based on the input of the players. The role of each player is to achieve
outcome so they can move to the next episode

Some things you can do when in town…

Game Map (Town)

The GPS-Nav system will take the player to the
Town. In this map the player can converse with town folk, other team members,
buy groceries, fuel, buy clothes,. Just remember it all adds to the total of what
is going on.. Also this is where the team members can hang out, including other
people that may be able to help, just remember “can you keep a secret”…. Well
can you.!! The tasks will be AI generated by the logic of the game, this logic
has only one function and that is to keep the team members on track, as with
all logic it is not bulletproof. It will be based on input data from the team
members naturally. In this environment anything goes. If you speed you get
booked, you get fined, you go to jail. You do drugs you go to jail… you lose
time. Your team loses time. Of course you can try bribing a cop if you are
getting booked…… Good luck on that!!!

•Drag race with other team players not on your game. May be you can get
some time credits off them..

•Gambling..Throw those dice dude!!!

•Buy guns and ammo.. Watch out, don’t alert any one. I think buying a
rocket launcher is will be noticed by someone.. don’t you.

•Meet your team members if you know who they are…or maybe you will find
them there talking with the enemy

•Catch up with what’s going on in the real world. Maybe get some clues
on what’s coming up.

Don’t get too attached to anything or anyone
here. You already know what’s in store for them..

the “ARK’

This is basically a theoretical spacecraft that
has been designed by a covert entity (name yet to be decided) who are already
aware of the event and its time line. The covert entity is only interested in
survival and success of its agenda. Only the elite will survive if they have
their way… It’s up to you and your team to overcome and defeat the covert body.
Take control of the facility and complete the construction of the ARK. Load all
the personal and material making sure all the critical key points are
completed. Also, other parts need to be implemented, securing the facility
against any and all enemies, making sure all logistical aspects of this
operation are met to the letter, for without proper planning and implementation
it can all easily turn to disaster. When the world turns to shit you will have
a lot to protect, and have no time to do it, I hope you planned well.

Off World

Well, if you got this far things have really turn
to shit and you are about to leave the planet earth for good. In this episode
you are now known to everyone. The event has started and things have been
heating up. Governments are hunting for your location. Even the entity that
warned you has an interest in where you are hiding.. You will need to use all
your resources to protect your location from being discovered. At this point
the player must have accrued items to survive and depart our doomed planet.
Such items will be a full crew, enough personal to build the new world, food,
weapons, soldiers, scientists, etc. There is a surprise in the plot that not
even the team is aware of… Special
Note in the plot. As they leave the planet and proceed to pass the dark side of
the moon the ships nav system auto pilots without warning. This is where the
plot will vary to what has been planned.
Refer drawings of location of mother ship.

The Search
for a new Home

Well your up and away, you survived the
devastation of planet earth, you couldn’t save them all but at least you as
sentient beings will survive to live another day. Where to now you may ask?
Forward young human forward… Now the team are in the space craft that was so
skillfully ripped off, hopefully you have all the correct blend of crew to help
you on the journey to the new world, where ever that might be …..

On this journey to the new home planet, there
will be many foes and complex struggle points waiting to trip up you and the
team, as you pass thru galaxy after galaxy looking for the right planet to
sustain life for you, your team and passengers. Lucky you planned well…. You
did plan well didn’t you…like in real life your survival requires all things to

and Terraforming.

You have survived thru seemingly endless alien
and human type attacks. You have arrived on the new sun star class seven planet
and now it’s time to start rebuilding your home. Take care this planet may have
beings not wanting you here. In this new world you will need to adapt or die.

the new home planet.

They have found you and the colony. You don’t
know how but they did. Is there something that you don’t know? Can you protect
them, or is it time to leave once more and find a new home.


Now this is where it all starts to get complicated, try to keep up with this. The logic of this game is clear, the only way to play this game is to understand that “many parts make up the
whole”. This story requires many people to play and many people to complete.
Everyone wins, or everyone loses. Just remember every player is just as
important to the game plot. Every player will have the same amount of content to deal with. No one player is greater than the whole team. The next question is,
who will determine; who will play who. Well to play this game properly there
will need to be an IQ based questionnaire, and the answers will determine what
world you will play in and the role you are best suited for, the player must
agree to this type of dynamic solution. There would be no point in playing a
nuclear physicist if you know nothing about physics. Or there would be no point
in the game logic giving you a role of a space craft designer if you had no
flare for designing space craft, terraforming or becoming a weapons designer
etc…So, for this game to obtain full immersion for the player, there has to be some depth to the construct of the player’s abilities. If you wish to play a bad ass operative then you better skill up for the test. Remember the world will not waiting for you. Event preparation, will include but not limited to, all needed personal. This will need to include Pilots, Soldiers, Medics, Biologists, Cooks, Engineers, All personal who can add value to surviving a new world.

If you can’t use them, lose them.

Biological Entities

All Genetic material needed to cultivate life on
the new home world.

All relevant sciences to make energies that are
going to be needed in this new world..

All the collected knowledge of the history of the
world ( A data base that can be accesses readily for needed information)

NOTE: Apart of the games unique ability will be on how the game world can play with massive head counts. Just like face book, the game will pay for its self by way of game world advertising and online renting of game play. I would envisage millions playing this game all across the globe. Just think a virtual world game that is solely run by the participants, all who do not know each other, do not know the plot, only that there role is a part of a larger picture. Of course it is to do with one’s own survival as well.


4 years ago

I have just read some of the ideas... Not too shabby at all. If this games you want to make starts to get traction.. how far will you go....


4 years ago

have you solidified your story line yet... If not I think I might have something right up you alley...


4 years ago

ok i got one, it long time ago, i really want someone make this games, it revolutionary

check this out :

strategy games + 1st person shooter


classic command & conquer + counter strike (or call of duty, you got what i mean)

at preasent there is such a games on ps3 its called "valkyria chronicle" but its do disappointing the AI of the 1st person shooter is so dumb, and easy win, and the movement of troops they make it so restricted, it should rooming, i awnt its free like GTA or mercenaries on ps2 , where a soldier can hijack any vehicle and use it, and i want it like battlefront star war, if a soldier die you can control others solely soldier, in this games you can either be the commander just like command and conquer or be a rambo just like in counter strike, and also be able to on plant c4 or bomb on a building to destroy it and above all else killing spree with a better AI to fight with or with other online people player or can be both commander or rambo.

it will be huge number of player if go online, beacuse you can make a number of soldier, a big number of platoon.

either way if you guys succes on making this games just send me copy of this games, make that 2 copy, one for pc, one for ps3, cause i really want play this kind of game, it a dream come true for me, thanks, hehehe


4 years ago

my idea is a large open world environment with about 50 player online servers in which each character plays a as a caveman in search for tools or a village or whatever the player desires. the game will also feature a fully customizable character which can range from stature to what they where to even what kind of human they are. i also want to say that there will be chat in some worlds but in some there will be none which would be more realistic since the game takes place before there were any languages and people would have to make alliances through trades or could form enemies and start tribes with there allies


5 years ago

This is just an idea on how I think the world can change instead of the hard way which is explained

The map pack

In star legacy the leader of the soon be empire who started the game will get choices to build themes or map packs for the entire world, once your team mates have collected the correct amount of resources the leader can begin world builder where the entire world is transformed, so instead of building individual buildings which will take time the world builder will customise the whole world depending on what age you are in, so in the stone age the world will be dotted with make shift huts and caves in the iron age there will be castles dotted around the world until you reach modern day society where you have suburbs and great cities all over the world and for each age the graphics will change to suite the age its in but you will need the aid of slaves robots or tribes people so it will turn from a sim into a game like battlefield eventually then to the stars

each map pack will probably cost a lot so some good advise work as a team and keep up the research at the same time which allows new ages and in turn new map packs will be available.


5 years ago

My idea it might just work
its called star legacy or star legacy wars you and your 100 or more team mates start off on a planet whiles another teams start of on another planet somewhere else in another solar system. and what you got to do is to be the first to reach space and conquer the other empires in space in massive space/ground battles. you start off as a cave man collecting resources and materials for your would be city or village, and can get the aid of the local NPC tribes to help you build this village or city at a price depends what age you are in, you also get robots to build stuff for you later in the game and you can do research in your research tree, some examples of things you get from the research tree is weapons, escape pods, tools, new buildings, new ships, body armour ect and your character can gain ranks to command ship/s in outer space, and there is also diplomacy involved. Aswell as a hard core mode and normal mode, hard core mode is if you die you stay dead and normal mode if you die you re spawned somewhere on your planet the point of the game is to destroy their capital city on the enemy planet and there is also many options available to users in the game which allows you to tweak almost everything you want. let me know if you want to know more my email is wadevbm@yahoo.com.au.

the game is long and ongoing like a multiplayer should be. the Whole galaxy can be active with new and old empires consisting of hundreds of planets with different teams for each one. one's a planet is destroyed or captured its gone forever so players need to stay online regularly to keep their planet from being took over. also other empires can capture your or other uninhabited planets so empires can have many planets under their belt and can recruit new player if so desired. if a new empire emerges that empire will be given a new planet and will have the protection from other empires until they reach space age. and the new empire must have atleast one empire allied to them with more planets then them so in a way the game never ends, and a powerful empire could have thousands of members in it so it would be wise to ally them to avoid destruction.

I forgot the game will be big and don't think any console or pc could handle it as the planet count could get into the thousands depending how big the galaxy is and could have hundreds of empires across it approximately. I do not even know if this is possible. the benefits of a powerful empire ally is that they can speed up research, give resources and give out new and better technology via transport ships, eventually the lesser empire will achieve light speed and then faster than light speed but first your empire must reach the space age and will only have rocket engines to get them into space at the start and creating satellites and space ports ect will be under way. its also 1st or 3rd person view so you don't need to worry as the same rule applies to controlling ships in space. AI controlled planets and pirates can be taken over and destroyed for experience it's a bit like kerbal space program mixed with spore and modern day shooting games mixed into one with some tactics but more advanced. one can also design their own ships if they wanted too and everything can be customised in the game. you can even terraform a planet. almost anything, and everything is possible in this game there are three tiers planetary/solar/galactic with different research in them that can be researched, each tier will have a couple of ages in them that can be obtained like iron age/bronze age/atomic age ect and if one member has enough resources to research something the whole empire will benefit from the research unless the option to turn on shared resources is off so only one person needs to do the research. there is no AI gave quests the only options are to hire or buy or go to war. with pirates you can put bounty on other empire heads or go to war or buy or even repair your ship for a price but that is only with some pirates most pirates will just attack you on the spot so be carful you should always have a handful of mates with you at your side at all times. You also get to pick a lizard character or a human character with different tech trees, or you can have a server that allows two different races in any given empire giving you a hybrid tech tree. The players are the ones that create quests for other players in a special message box but you have to be high ranking. all the high rank players needs to do is look at their galaxy map or planet map and look for an event and type that event into the special box and their will be a quest that he can give out. He can even give out new ships to newbie's when they reach high enough ranks but this is much later on in the game. all I want is credit for me and my family for thinking up the game.

here is a mix of our two games.

I thought every player eventually gets control of the super soldier and the soldier is almost godly with the best gear and very hard to kill like a bonus or something and must lead he's empire to glory, Mars and the underground government and earth are somehow apart of it but I'm not sure how wait! there is a special server with your story going on in another galaxy. with all that is going on in this other galaxy with my story in it. And somehow our two stories meet. To keep the game running all servers resets every year back to normal but with everyone's rank still intact. the underground organisation found out that a whole galaxy full of empires and are heading this way towards the galaxy your empire is in, to wipe all life away they want something maybe the super soldier technology and if any empire from my story succeeds they will be invincible. also your empire can hold more players in it than in my story's empires. your empire decided to make more of those super soldier with that one super soldier as the leader which will have a bit better gear your factions have better gear, ships, and research is faster anyway it's up to you if you want it I somehow mixed two different games into one its now a multiplayer lol and you can change whatever you want. or you can have just my story again its up to you. and if you don't like it I do not mind.


5 years ago

you could somehow mix your story with mine or not.


5 years ago

Hey that's a great Idea. But it is a bit like halo. Maybe you could make it so that we don't play as the super soldier but only get glimpses of him. And make a more personal story using a regular infantry man, who discovers the underground government or something of the like.

Oh, and I may be able to help with concept designs for guns and armor. I can post some concepts later on if you would like.


Reply 5 years ago

Here is a helmet design strongly based on the current U.S. military helmets, seeing as this game is set in the near future. Also I have a few questions:

1. Are you working on a title still?
2. Will this be an FPS or a TPS?
3. What sort of platform are you using to make this game?
4. How many people do you have to work with you? And are they local friends or on instructables as well?

(ps) we should probably use the p.m. chat to discuss any further details.


5 years ago

Sorry for the triple post, but I read through your story again and another idea struck me:
You start out fighting for the underground government but then you realize they are corrupt, and the Martians are friendly but the U.G. (underground government) want control over mars and will not coexist with them. SO about halfway through you and your squad (possibly some form of elite commando squad) turn on the U.G. and fight with the Martians.


Reply 5 years ago

This was actually one of the ideas that we have already had. Its nice to know that other people are thinking along the same lines for a story line as us.


5 years ago

Here is an example of an assault rifle:

vd gun.jpg