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Video Problem - Embed Video Button is MIA Answered

So, I know instructables has gone through some changes lately, and it has been a couple months since I have embedded video from youtube into an instructable - have we lost the embed video button?  Are we back to using the "source" button?  and if we are, either its not working, or more likely I am forgetting to figure out how to do it properly.  HELP!!!


Agreed - the "embed video" button is missing.

(FF 8.0, Win XP)

OK, figured out the source way of doing things again, in youtube click on share, normally this will give you a short youtube code which you would copy into the embed video button on instructables. For the old school "source" button you have to click on EMBED in youtube, this will give you a much longer code. Copy this, then in your instructable, click on source, scroll down to where you want the video to appear and click paste. Save it and the normal red video square will appear. When you preview it the video will be their in all its video watchability glory.

But, this still doesnt resolve where the embed video button has gone