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Video bombing. Stop...it...now... Answered

Unless i constrain myself this will sound like one of Gordon Ramsays shows... ;-) Fu blo he. It's fung time to do something about those bloo videos that stu people are carpet bombing Instructables with. ! Please limit the possibility of posting an unlimited amount of instructables/slideshows/videos per 24 hour period. One (1) per 24 hours are quite enough for anyone that are actually doing something good and not just carpet bombing/spamming crappy videos from Metacafe to get some money. As a temporary solution maybe just banning Metacafe-videos would help remove those obnoxious spammers. Or can you also get payed by videos on Youtube/Google? Talking in friendly manner to these guys doesn't really help. It only fixes (possibly) the problem with one guy, but there will just come more and more of them all the time. (The image of Gordon is stolen from telegraph.co.uk - sorry about that...)


Someone just did it... Surprisingly with recipe 'ibles. Gordon!

That wasn't a carpet bomb, that was a nuke! Filled up the first three pages!

To stop those monsters 1-2-3 Here's a fresh new way that's trouble free It's got Paul Anka's guarantee... Guarantee void in Tennessee! Just don't look! Just don't look! Just don't look! Just don't look!

I'm way ahead of you- I only browse the "most recent Instructables" section, because I figure if a video or slideshow is good enough to be worth watching it will come to my attention by being featured, being included in the "related links" and attracting my attention, references in forums postings etc.

Some of use make the penultimate sacrifice of looking at almost every instructable to separate the wheat from the chaff for you. ;-)

Who are you demanding this of? Ewilhelm and Christy? Let me know how that goes...


10 years ago

*it's that time again!*



10 years ago

Well, you know, some people already have "web presence" elsewhere, where they've posted several to many video tutorials on one subject or another. Along comes Instructables and looks like a fine additional outlet for such material, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. And it's certainly "easier" to sit down once and publish a batch of videos than it is to come back every couple of days and trickle them out (you don't HAVE to become part of the Instructables Community to have your tutorials be welcome.)

Perhaps there should be some sort of automatic "trickle publisher" to explicitly support this sort of user - give it a list of videos (URLs and titles?) and have them automagically appear at "acceptable" intervals...

That's "spot on." The cluster bombings are almost always videos that were not created for instructables, but for other outlets. Even for non-metacafe videos, it's all about the view count. It's not all negative. Sure, there's more noise in the signal now. And sure, I don't view metacafe videos if there's no supportive (text, pics) content. But someone else might. At least the "post-10-videos-per-day" users get it over with quickly (it's up to them to discover that less-is-more, if view count is the goal...)

Easier. Yes - for the publisher. That's one person. But it's not easier on the rest of the 100000+ readers. As I see it is a matter of being considerate. It's like posting in a forum. If the poster spends two minutes extra to write a coherent and clear message instead of a jumbled mess of gibberish (with a lot of IM and SMS style words) he might save 30 seconds per reader. For one reader, who cares? But when there's a lot readers the extra time taken for the writer it definitely worth it unless the writer is an egocentric s.o.b. which values his own time more than others. A trickle publisher is a really great idea, it would solve a lot. The publisher can be lazy and the readers won't be subjected to carpet bombing and all the hard work is taken care of by our best friend - the computers ;-)

I've just about had it with the videos, but I saw one today that was actually very good. The guy made a USB telescope. It was well described in the steps, good pictures to support the text, and good video to fill in the holes. I also saw one today that had one distracting paragraph of text, no real steps, and no pictures. All it had was the video and the video was silent. It was about breaking a bottle by wrapping something around it and setting it on fire. AWFUL!

Give the good videos + and/or positive comments. Give the bad videos - and or negative comments.

Eventually, persistent poor posters will get the idea, and either stop posting or improve their videos.

That's what the system is there for.

I don't think that the system works for this kind of self promoting/money earning behavior. It's just like any other kind of spam. There's no cost involved by publishing the money-generating Metacafe videos here so they don't care about ratings if they can get a few extra visitors. Ok, I must admit that not all video-only entries here are made due to the possibility to earn some more money or by any other egoistic/self centered reasons. There are some good video onlys here, but I don't want to be forced to wade through a lot of crap to find them. Internet is full of crap and Instructables has so far been a haven of good content. I don't want it destroyed. User generated content must be policed with a firm but gentle hand to withstand the craptorrent from the world. That's at least my opinion, the owners/steering committee apparently have another. But I like to voice my opinion every now and then :-)

If it's purely a money-generator, flag it.

Maybe there should be a clear notice and condition - if videos are flagged too often, a user goes into pre-mod and has to have their videos vetted before they reach the public. That would put the bombers off!

Absolutely. Videos embedded in an ordinary/real Instructable can, and usually are, a valuable addition to it. A picture is worth a thousand words, a video can be worth ten times that sometimes....

i think they should just remove the video option. that way you will have to actually write a instructable to put up a video. that way people that actually work hard and do use metacafe can get there deserved money, while those lazy idiots that just spam stuff cant. but i think it should be 1 ible per every day or 2

We've had the "ban Metacafe" discussion, and decided against. You're right, though, some people do seem to carpet-bomb with their videos, then disappear for a while. Hint to carpet-bombers - a trickle of good videos will get you more views and more respect than a flood of mediocre videos that do not really match up to the "show and tell" idea. Asking people to go visit your site or channel for more videos is also a negative point.

Hmm, point taken...but I didn't mean it.... :-)

...and it's very hard to shake of disrespect. ;-) (maybe disrespect is too strong, unfortunately I'm a monoglot, sooo I don't know what other word to use)


10 years ago

..You beat me to it. :)

-ok, this one's not quite so bad as the last... ditto.