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Video embed not working? Answered

Is anyone else having trouble embedding videos in an instructable? It keeps disappearing when I hit "save."


YouTube have changed their embed code.

Until HQ get a chance to push through an update, you need to edit the code you paste, adding in the usual "http:" that YouTube have, oddly, dropped.

HQ are aware of this bug, and working on it.

Please be patient, but if this is causing you a problem with a contest entry deadline, email support@instructables.com to let them know.

In fact it is now apparently fixed. See this other topic:


Still having problems with it today. :(

Never mind I got it to work, for everybody else who is looking for a fix, use this code:
<div class="media_embed">
<iframe frameborder="0" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/C70R7oo4jMc" width="480"></iframe></div>

just replace "C70R7oo4jMc" with the link to your video

Thanks, BrittLiv. I forgot to say that I had to use the "source code" edit mode and add the code instead of using the video embed icon.

Interesting, it is still not working for me, how did you add it?

Thanks for the reassurance, Kiteman. Looks like it's fixed.

Really? It still seems not to be working for me, how are you adding it?

I was wrong. I thought someone said it was working, but when I went to check, it's still now showing up. Patience, I guess.